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Building The Future of
Modern Health

Custom Software Solutions from Design to Deployment

How can we bring you at the forefront of HealthTech? We solve the industry’s most long-standing issues

Adaptive Solutions

We help companies meet dynamic market demands and the need for a tailored approach that can handle your business’s unique requirements when there is no right off-the-shelf solution. With our in-depth expertise in tailored software development, we are a trusted partner for leading enterprises across the healthcare industry.

Need for Innovation Acceleration

We are an innovation partner to numerous industry disruptors. We innovate together and help utilize the latest technologies to improve customer experience in the digitally-centric post-Covid era and beyond.

Research & Development

Through our streamlined operations, years of healthcare experience and extensive technological know-how we help companies accelerate their technological innovation initiatives for a fraction of the cost while they focus on their core business.

Lack of Workflow Automation

To reduce the complexity and effort of business processes, we utilize RPA for maximum resource optimization and streamlined workflows throughout the entire organization.

Data Silos and Advanced Analytics

We help organisations break data silos and adopt a comprehensive approach towards their most valuable asset – data, in order to maximize the return on investment and leverage hidden business insights.

Outdated & Subpar UI/UX

Our main priority when doing UI engineering and UX design is to make the end-user completely comfortable with using digital services in the ‘new normal’ so you can devote internal resources to your core business services.

Leverage Data And AI To Take Healthcare Analytics To The Next Level


Healthcare Digitalization:

From Raw Data to Predictive Analysis

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Scalefocus uses end-to-end data strategies and tailored software solutions in the areas of Transactional Databases, Enterprise and Data Analytics. We utilize data lakes as a powerful foundation for ML/AI that enables healthcare organizations to extract valuable information and usable insights from their data.

Our BI solutions empower patient self-service, accurate diagnostics and personalized treatments by helping healthcare organizations gain unified view of patient care and make more informed data-driven decisions.

If you want to learn more about the way Scalefocus supports healthcare companies to overcome data-related challenges, you can check our recent webinar on Healthcare Digitalization: Scalefocus | Healthcare Data and Digitalization 

Why Scalefocus

  • We are a full-stack in-house provider that can help you transform completely the way you engage with your users through technology and innovation.
  • We offer the full spectrum of software services – from re-architecting your legacy applications or developing custom telehealth solutions that offer patients uniquely personalized features through superior UX.
  • We eliminate siloed systems to help you make use of your own data with Big Data processing systems.
  • Through smart automation we optimize operational efficiency and reduce costs so you can focus on your core mission: giving users the future-proof digital experience they demand.

Read our whitepaper discussing healthcare’s pressing issues and how we can solve them.

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Our Award-winning Products

Hardware & software ecosystem eliminating the need to carry multiple devices

The visual aid solution with a revolutionary set of features

SoundVision is a cutting-edge, all-in-one hardware and software solution for the visually impaired combining well-established features with new ways of interacting with the world. Some of its unique capabilities include indoor navigation with BLE beacons, an OCR text reader, world and clock position compasses, and banknote recognition.

Grand Stevie® and Gold Stevie® Award winner for best Healthcare Technology Solution in 2022.

Multi-modal virtual assistant solution for senior citizens

Active ageing through innovation and connectedness

SAAM (Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal Coaching) is a virtual assistant platform helping seniors with their day-to-day tasks and boosting their wellbeing by keeping them connected with the world. It utilizes machine learning, user profiling and interfaces, affective computing and multi-modal coaching.


Integrated telehealth solution for remote physical treatment

Taking physical presence out from Physical Therapy

SoFit is a scalable integrated system that delivers both hardware and software to patients who need to practice Physical Therapy or Kinesiotherapy remotely. Users schedule sessions through a web portal after which the patients receive their Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) hardware with online and offline capabilities.


Government-approved mobile app tracing the spread of Covid-19

Leveraging the power of technology in the fight against Covid-19

ViruSafe is our mobile application designed to become the missing link between people and health authorities in states of emergency related to public health. Created right at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it provides а heatmap of the way the virus spreads via real-time monitoring and logging in of symptoms.


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