UX/UI Design

Design seamless and meaningful customer experiences


With the power and possibilities brought by UX/UI Design, great effort and responsibility come. How can a business ensure that its product provides clarity, poise, and the right level of interaction while meeting users’ needs?

At Scalefocus, serving the business needs of our clients is closely intertwined with leveraging the best technologies. Our teams focus on micro performant frontends based on the most modern web technologies, with a focus on customer-driven metrics and highly performant and adaptable architectures.


UX Design

We provide the know-how and execution of design thinking principles that will push your business forward. Through research, conceptualizing, prototyping, testing, and iteration, we meet both the user’s needs and your company’s goals, covering the entire product cycle and ensuring its continuity. 

UI Design

With us, you always receive a tailored solution from experienced team of professionals who contribute to your project with their industry-specific expertise. By delivering high fidelity designs, product identity, UI interaction, and expected behavior before development begins, we give you a valuable glimpse into the future you don’t want to miss.

Technology Expertise


Guiding Product Development through User Experience

One of the main aspects of developing a product is how it’s being used and perceived by the end-user. Our design team of highly qualified experts uses a wide variety of techniques to gather data from stakeholders and different user personas to provide a high-quality product experience.

Discovery / Research

Applying suitable qualitative and quantitative methods to define user, business needs and goals.

   ■ Workshops; Stakeholder Interviews; User Interviews; Focus Groups; UX Evaluation; Surveys

Building a Strategy

Having all the data, we create a rough model of the product in order to validate it as soon as possible with the stakeholders and the users.

   ■ User Personas; User Journeys; Low-fi Prototyping / Wireframes

Design and Interaction

After we have validated the initial hypothesis, the process continues with crafting the hand-off deliverables.

   ■ UI Design; High-fi Prototype; Design Style-guide/System; Assets

User Testing and Iteration

Тhe journey from product concept to launch requires a series of validation milestones to ensure that your business idea really serves the needs of the end-users.  We perform continuous testing and hypothesis validation to ensure that your product is viable. The iterative cycle is an integral part of our process, which is deeply connected with Usability Testing. During this phase, the team validates the initial hypothesis and identifies the next steps to start the iterative cycle again and improve the product further.

Technology Expertise

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, and Energy & Utilities.


Energy & Utilities

Model Orchestration Platform for Improved Cross-Team Collaboration


Energy & Utilities

Revamped Reporting and Analytics via Event-Based Platform


Energy & Utilities

Building an Innovative Digital Experience in the Energy Trading Domain

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Energy & Utilities

Increasing Employee Engagement with Energy Market Insights


Finance & Banking

Building The First All-Digital Bank in The Middle East

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Healthcare & Life Science

Achieving Two Times Higher Productivity with Fully Redesigned UI/UX

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