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.NET Development

The full-stack unlimited versatility of creating any app,
in any environment

The resourcefulness of the .NET open-source ecosystem

At the end of the last century, the world witnessed a radical surge in technology which led to the internet revolution. With libraries and APIs that were all compatible, Microsoft built .NET in 2002 for the digital renaissance. This versatile platform is free and fully open source, allowing for fast and efficient engineering. Developers love it because they can build any type of app, for any operating system, using innovative tools and know one thing: it will be high-performing and scalable.

At Scalefocus, the expertise of the .NET team does not end with the .NET platform itself. Our developers are proficient in various front-end and database technologies in addition to their strong Azure and AWS know-how. We utilize the simple, object-oriented C# to create cutting-edge solutions that help businesses compete and thrive.

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Work with us, grow with us

Having picked a career in programming, you already know that becoming a good developer isn’t the result of someone giving you the knowledge and skills. It’s about being proactive and constantly building on what you already know. At Scalefocus, we make sure you have everything you need to advance your .NET career – great mentorship, access to innovative technologies and the ability to switch between projects. You can count on one thing – your ambition and hard work won’t go unnoticed. We don’t believe in talent and luck. Instead, we count on hard work and reward it.


Good, better, best, never let it rest. Till your good is better, and your better – best.


Learn the ins and outs of .NET at the Scalefocus Academy

It’s our highest priority to create learning opportunities that would ultimately bridge the gap between theory and hands-on experience. In our 90-day practical training program renowned mentors will share their .NET expertise with you and help you navigate your IT career wherever you are – the coursers are fully online.

Take part in our peer-to-peer knowledge transfer events

At Scalefocus, we take pride in the knowledge-transfer culture we have built over the years. Once your join our .NET team, you’ll be able to take active part in these events where we talk about how our experience on different projects has helped us learn and grow.

Share your skills by mentoring young IT minds

If providing guidance to others is something that you’re passionate about, as part of the .NET team you can take knowledge-sharing a step further by mentoring high school IT students. You could help them build their first application or give them a hand with their projects or assignments.

Expand your expertise with trainings and certifications

Our learning and development team has created various soft skill trainings devoted on time management, conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback, among others. Depending on your level, you can also choose different Azure courses from the Microsoft certification path, including AZ-104, AZ-204 and AZ-305. If you would like to pursue managerial roles, we developed the Scalefocus LEAD program consisting of practical self-learning materials.

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The types of projects you will be working on

The .NET projects we take on at Scalefocus vary in scale and complexity. We work with Fortune 500 companies as well as trailblazing startups. Our excellent developers help clients meet their business challenges by delivering scalable digital products with great functionalities. The .NET team’s tech expertise is complemented by solid industry know-how. Telecom & Media, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Banking and Insurance are just some of the industries in which we have built a reputation as a reliable technology partner.

Meet the Technology Manager

“The demand for .NET development is enormous and every industrial sector is inclined to use it. This is no surprise - .NET is an excellent framework for developing cutting-edge web applications. It’s fast, flexible and works well with other technologies.”

Tsvetan Smardanski

.NET Technology Manager, Scalefocus

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