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UX/UI Design

Bridging the gap between people and technology

UX/UI: chicken or the egg in the digital age

Products and services have to solve problems. To be truly successful, however, they must also have a positive emotional impact on the people who use them. This important task falls on the shoulders of UX/UI professionals. UX and UI are two terms used interchangeably but mean very different things. UX design comes first to map out the user journey and define ‘the bones’; then, UI designers focus on the visual and interactive elements that make this journey complete. At its core, UX/UI design is about understanding what users need and creating experiences that benefit their lives.

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Advance your professional path with us

A career in UX/UI can lead you down one of two paths: the technical or the managerial one. As you take on tasks that give you more experience and responsibilities, you will progress in the field and decide if you’re more of a tech geek or would rather lead teams. The first path means you’ll be constantly perfecting your skills while researching and mastering new tools and technologies. The second role is more business-oriented and will include activities such as recruitment and resource allocation.

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Make the most of our learning opportunities

Тake advantage of knowledge-sharing and mentorship initiatives

Everyone in the UX/UI team places a high priority on learning. We organize regular internal and cross-team knowledge-sharing sessions as well as many other formats where we discuss latest technology trends and best practices. In addition, our Technology Team Leads (TTLs) work on creating personalized mentorship and onboarding plans mapping out goals and objectives for new colleagues. In this way, anyone joining the team gets a smooth introduction into our culture and the projects we work on.

Advance your career one certification and soft skills training at a time

When it comes to technology expertise, we make sure our colleagues have access to a variety of trainings, most notably NN/g (Nielsen Norman Group) and HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) certifications, as well as others that are available through educational platforms like Udemy and Pluralsight. Our teammates can also complete a variety of soft-skill trainings led by internal and external speakers on topics like time management, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, giving and receiving feedback.

The types of projects you will be working on

As part of the UX/UI design team at Scalefocus you will be involved in projects that vary both in industry and scope. We have international clients from different fields—Banking and Insurance, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare and Life Sciences, among others. Once on board, you will build high-quality digital products that bring value and have real impact on people’s lives.

Technology Expertise

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Meet the Technology Manager

„Your average UX/UI designer is an excellent people-person. This helps them to understand the user’s needs and to work with many stakeholders – marketing experts, developers, visual artists and other creative roles.“

Alexander Mihaylov

UX/UI Technology Manager at Scalefocus

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