Industry-Focused Solutions and Services

Take advantage of solutions delivered by world-class software engineers and niche industry experts.

Our experts put into practice cross-industry knowledge and apply innovative approaches to solve your existing business needs through software and cutting-edge technologies.

Our approach to delivering specific industry software solutions composes a mix of specific technical and business industry experts and top software engineers. We strive to understand your specific needs, align it with our existing industry expertise and innovate the best software solution.

Insurance Industry Solutions


  • Insurance Claim Process Digitalization
  • Middleware and Integration Solutions for Insurance
  • Insurance Mobile Data Terminals
  • Performance software solutions for Insurance
  • Solvency II End-to-End Insurance Regulatory Compliance Systems Implementation
  • Insurance Cloud Services
  • Compliance Reporting for Insurers



FinTech and Finance Industry Solutions


  • PSD2 & Open Banking Solutions
  • World-class Native Mobile SuperApps
  • High-conversion KYC Solutions
  • Distributed Ledger Solutions
  • International Money Transfers
  • Remittance and Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer
  • Investment Apps
  • Cryptocurrency-Powered Apps



Telecom Industry Solutions


  • Omnichannel Platforms
  • eCommerce and Mobile Applications for Telecoms
  • Set-top-boxes, Video on Demand (VOD), Live Streaming Solutions
  • Billing and CRM Integration and Migration
  • Business Support System (BSS) / Operation Support Systems (OSS) Integration
  • Telecom Enabled Artificial Intelligence and Data Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) / Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)​



Healthcare Industry Solutions


  • Hospital Administration Automation – Virtual Hospital
  • Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal coaching
  • Remote Online Counseling Platform
  • Physiotherapy and kinesiotherapy made available at home



Logistics and Transportation Industry Solutions


  • Customized Core Logistics Systems
  • Customer Portals
  • Digital Social Traveling Platform for Shared Holidays Reservation
  • Fuel Management System for the Airline Industry
  • Integration of ERP Systems for Logistics