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AppCare 360: Swarm
Your Way to Operational

AppCare 360: Swarm
Your Way to Operational

As businesses race to digitize and deliver innovative services at breakneck speed, leaders struggle to maintain a high level of operational stability. Poor customer satisfaction, low productivity, and missed business opportunities are among the most common outcomes of an organization’s inability to handle resiliency issues adequately.

The Swarm Support Model: Achieve More with Less

The answer to this is the swarming support model based on networked collaboration. It improves the efficiency and responsiveness of the support process, which translates into cost savings and revenue growth for the company. ​Reduced downtime, increased customer satisfaction, optimized resource utilization, and newfound flexibility and scalability are among the numerous benefits of swarming.

To leverage the Swarm model advantages, Scalefocus has launched the AppCare 360 solution that provides professional maintenance and support services to guarantee a quick and efficient response to resiliency issues. AppCare 360 boosts cost efficiency, eliminating onboarding costs and overhead expenditure, and establishes efficient, clear, and transparent processes and a customer-centric approach. By utilizing swarming support, the solution ensures the operational stability of software applications.


AppCare 360 Scope


What’s included:

Full coverage of MS Azure, GCP, and AWS public cloud providers

Coverage of all private cloud infrastructure

Usage optimization to reduce subscription costs by up to 30%

Enhance error logging capabilities of cloud services 

Automated predictive maintenance

Guaranteed business continuity

AppCare 360 Benefits
Unparalleled cost​ efficiency, eliminating onboarding costs and overhead expenditure.​
Accurately predict​ support cost based on predictable and transparent pricing.​
Focus on core business activities,​ leaving the support to​ a reliable partner.​
Improve the performance of internal IT systems by at least 50%. ​

AppCare 360 Highlights


Cost Optimization


  • Up to 3 times more cost efficient compared to FTE and in-house based approach 

  • Very low overhead for guaranteed operational efficiency 

  • Minimal additional investments for expanding coverage at any time 

  • No running costs for onboarding
    additional capacity 
Risk and Efficiency


  • Minimize information
    security risk

  • Extended documentation libraries that eliminate vendor or person locking 

  • Ensure system and business

  • Analyze and enforce security best practices throughout 
AppCare 360 is designed with the ability to optimize your
maintenance and support by: 


Supported Tech Domains


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