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Speed Up Innovation with Logistics Software Solutions

Speed Up Innovation with Logistics Software Solutions

Integrated order management, transport planning and execution modules, AI-assisted matching based on live order and vehicle attributes… Upgrade your old-school Transport Management System and improve your customer retention capabilities by switching to a modern platform that addresses all major pain points in the logistics industry.

Scalefocus provides cutting-edge logistics software solutions that streamline daily operations, decrease costs and increase operational efficiency. We build holistic IT ecosystems around your logistics needs, digitalizing process and automating workflows that help you break away from spreadsheets, navigate complex workflows and gain a competitive advantage.


LogOS Solution for Transportation
and Logistics Companies

LogOS is a next-generation logistics software solution that enables transportation and logistics companies of all sizes to effectively manage their operations and remain competitive in the increasingly digitalized market via industry and region-specific modules. Forwarding, dispatching, fleet, and driver management are integrated, streamlined, and fully digitized, making information available in real-time for optimal data-driven decision-making and automation, paving the way for higher productivity and cost-effectiveness.

The Transport Management Platform (TMP) encompasses all logistics-related workflows and functional areas like Freight Forwarding, Dispatching, Fleet, Yard and Depot management, European Driver HR & Payroll, Finance, Accounting, Reporting and Analytics.


LogOS Modules

Freight Forwarding

Streamline all incoming orders via email, a self-service portal, and API/EID automation. Automate the assignment of requests and orders to agents and dispatchers. Facilitate revenue and cost calculation with just a few clicks to configure each request’s price, quote, and cost.

Customer & subcontractor management is quite simple, with rich master data on the company, contacts, relationship history, and contract information.


Ensure a flawless transportation chain collaboration between forwarders, drivers, customers, senders, and recipients. All parties collaborate via a single, easy-to-use interface embedded in all available channels: email, messaging apps, LogOS self-service portal, LogOS Driver app, etc. 

The AI/ML Assistance Engine provides real-time suggestions for the next best vehicle, pulling live data from the fleet, drivers, orders, routes, and transports.


Simplify the planning and orchestration of full and less-than-full truckloads (FTLs and LTLs) with the Transportation module. Automated data on live availability, load space and technical equipment of trailers, driver qualification, and work time constraints facilitate the orchestration of drivers, trucks, and trailers.

Fleet Management

Operating entire fleets and getting automated cost management analysis has never been that easy. The module manages all aspects of the vehicle life cycle – from purchasing and leasing to remarketing or disposal. It has permanent access to up-to-date info, specs, and status on all vehicles and vehicle equipment, inventory, and documentation.

Management and Control

Streamline the immediate decision-making process with real-time visibility into all aspects of the transportation process. The module increases the users’ productivity and efficiency by consolidating data and process execution from spreadsheets and siloed heterogeneous tools and systems into a single digital platform. Integrated and automated data flows for each task cut manual data entry and human errors to a minimum. 


Embedded user and privileges management, BI analytics tools, schedulers, email, and smart document automation. Easily configure multi-company, multi-office, and your entire logistics network. Add any new process on the go with the AI-enabled toolbox that allows users to personalize, configure and customize the solution to meet all specific needs.

LogOS Tools and Integrations

LogOS boasts several valuable tools designed to boost your business’s productivity, supply chain optimization and orchestration.


  • The Collaboration tool integrates all communication channels, tools, and apps into one digital workplace with an email client, ticketing, chat, and a customer self-service portal.
  • The Process Management tool creates custom processes, configures and schedules tasks and notifications.
  • Document Management – creates, sends, and automates document flow and supports a rich template library.
  • Digital Workspace – single user interface for all users that aggregates all data (lists, tables, calendars, maps) from all modules and systems.
  • The User Management tool controls and manages users and groups, access, privileges, authentication, and authorization.
  • Automation tools for setting automatic notifications, alarms, tasks and workflow management.


The LogOS partner network includes top data providers such as HERE maps and Google, integrations with key telematics providers, OEM vehicle APIs, freight exchanges to enable full data-driven logistics processes, and predictive and prescriptive insights into your operations.

The standard API of LogOS enables full-fledged integration with any IT system required to make all processes run end to end. Our in-house consultants and solution partners will support you in the delivery of any integration scenario.

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