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Supercharge Your
Software Development

Supercharge Your
Software Development

With rapidly evolving technological landscapes and growing market saturation, the need for exceptional products delivered with lightning-fast speed has never been greater. At Scalefocus, we innovate together with industry-leading technology companies and trailblazing startups to strengthen and accelerate their innovation roadmaps. We’ll validate your concept and develop the ideal technology blueprint tailored to your requirements and target market.

Time to Market

The relentless pursuit of innovation and competitive pressure drive tech companies to reach their markets faster. We give you the “first mover advantage” by optimizing your development process to gain a competitive edge over your slower rivals.


Rapid advancements and disruptive innovations can leave even the most agile organizations struggling to keep up. With an arsenal of 19 diverse technologies, we carefully choose the most suitable tech stack for your needs, with a keen focus on scalability and interoperability.

Speed up Product Delivery

At Scalefocus, we understand the urgency to adapt and stay competitive. Our over decade-long experience of delivering products for some of the world’s biggest companies comes packaged as a reusable experience to accelerate your success.

Hiring and Talent Retention

Competition for top talent remains fierce. With our matrix organizational structure, we bring the perfect balance of skills and capabilities that optimize costs and retention of know-how.

Data Strategy and Analytics

A data-mature business has the advantage of being able to recognize opportunities and risks quickly. We help you to integrate and translate your data into meaningful insights that drive revenue and mitigate future issues.


We actively participate in our clients’ innovation processes with a crowdsourced approach towards innovation. Our proprietary InnoBox platform delivers client-focused innovative solutions that solve real problems.

Our Services

Technology Strategy

In the fast-moving tech industry, it might be tempting to skip the hard part of devising a robust strategy and instead emulate the technologies and decisions of the top tech players in your field.

We help you design technology strategies that derive from your unique business goals and our extensive experience. From PoC, through optimising existing products or envisioning innovative solutions, we craft technology strategies with scale and engineering prowess that help high-tech companies reach their markets faster.

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Product Engineering

It’s possible to get carried away with a good product idea and overlook the most crucial prerequisite: do you solve a real problem of your customers and is that the premium experience that they expect.

We help organizations build amazing products with their customers at the center of everything we do. By leveraging world-class engineering teams and subject matter experts that bring know-how from different verticals, we accelerate your time-to-market, mitigate risk and select the right technologies to realize your vision.

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Custom Software Development

Off-the-shelf solutions are ready to use and implement but come with a predefined set of functions that are hard to scale or customize. With custom software solutions, you don’t depend on third parties. You can easily tweak requirements and functionalities to ensure the final product matches your business goals.

Leveraging our expertise in custom software development, API integration and advanced cloud-native development, we help enterprises to gain a competitive edge with unique solutions tailored to different complexity and various business niches.

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Scalable Data Solutions

Data is the new oil of the digital era. But just like any raw resource, raw data doesn’t bring you a competitive edge. Only when you can connect all the dots in one viable ecosystem where data is structured, gathered fast, and integrated with advanced analytical tools can you become a data-driven organization that can derive meaningful insights and outpace its competition.
Using advanced data integration and analytics techniques, AI, and ML, we help businesses connect their data in a single, actionable ecosystem that brings meaning and value.

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Our Differentiators
Flexible delivery models


A spectrum of delivery models tailored to your needs. From Dedicated Teams or Managed Services all the way to Fixed-Scope Models or Full Lifecycle Software Delivery.

Management overhead reduction


We assemble and onboard the right team, managing the day-to-day operations while you are in charge of project direction and focus on your core business activities.

Unparalleled cost efficiency


Effortlessly fine-tune team size, adapt technology stacks, and refine project scope to reach optimal efficiency and make the most of available resources in the long term.

Proprietary accelerator apps


Gain access to our exclusive accelerator apps, designed for reusability that can help you speed up your software development process and reduce development time by up to 25%.

Why Scalefocus


  • One-stop shop for technology companies, offering a comprehensive range of software services tailored to their needs and technology stack.

  • For 12 years, we’ve been delivering top-notch software development services to North American and EMEA markets, serving vibrant startups and leading enterprises.

  • 7 European delivery centers spanning 3 countries, leveraging each region’s unique educational and tech-talent strengths.

  • We put our work into your business context, leveraging our cross-industry expertise across Software & Hi-Tech, BFSI, Healthcare, Energy & Utility, E-commerce, Telco, and more.



  • Exceptional culture of execution – with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80 for customer satisfaction, well above the average industry standard of 61

  • Our approach focuses on our clients and entails direct communication with our executive management team, distinguishing us from colossal IT providers.We prioritize transparency, open communication, and personalized attention for each client.

  • Established project government framework and dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) to ensure that every project is delivered on time, within budget and scope to meet your business objectives and strategic milestones.

Ready to scale and meet the technology challenges of tomorrow?

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