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Conga: Make Sales Faster,
Deals - Bigger.

Conga: Make Sales Faster,
Deals - Bigger.

Standing between the front-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and back-office Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the Apttus Middle Office Platform covers the whole process starting from when a customer expresses a desire to purchase your product or service all the way through to the completed transaction.

Scalefocus helps business get out of the continous loop of revenue loss with a complete set of solutions that boost sales and optimize the quote-to-cash process shifting it into high gear.

Our team fills the gap between traditional CRM and ERP systems while:

  • Reducing sales cycles and quoting errors


  • Increasing deal size and win rates


  • Simplifying order capture and fulfilment of complex products


  • Offering self-service options and improving multi-channel performance


  • Raising customer retention and loyalty

Our implementation team is not only adept in the Salesforce platform itself but has excellent technical know-how and industry knowledge. Our consultants can audit and help you optimize your sales process by applying best practices and business specific knowledge.

We have more than a century of combined experience in delivering Apttus solutions to world leaders in healthcare, logistics, energy and manufacturing.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Businesses not only waste a lot of time handling large volumes of contracts but make simple preventable errors which could cost them a pretty penny. They may also risk liability if compliance and legal requirements are not followed through and met.

By employing Apttus’ CLM, automated Contract Lifecycle Management system, organizations can easily streamline quoting, contracting and revenue processes seamlessly and ensure that all information passing through is being treated correctly at every step.

The CLM solution acts as a centralized and secure repository for all company contracts. Its capabilities include:

  • Full text search across words, terms and clauses
  • Detailed audit history per user
  • Filtering and saved searches

Benefits of adopting this industry-leading
solution include:


  • 45% higher contract accuracy
  • 43% higher contract renewal
  • 42% speed-up contracting speed and volume
  • 43% higher contract compliance
  • 51% better deal flow visibility
  • 44% speed-up in approvals

Configure Price Quote

Welcoming in CPQ implementation brings in several benefits for a business, that include but are not limited to: rapid testing and deployment of pricing models, flexibility when dealing to solve complex business challenges, easy customizations, operational comfort and instant inventory access.


Conga CPQ Software Benefits

Conga CPQ solution reduces the time spent in creating and sending quotes from weeks to minutes. Built on the Salesforce cloud platform, the CPQ solution enables and motivates your pre-sales and sales teams to quickly turn opportunities into deals.


  • Deliver fast, error-free quotes to customers
  • Create complex and mixed contracts within minutes
  • Make smart decisions, based on accurate sales forecasts

Apart from boosting sales effectiveness by up 
to 25%, CPQ implementation achieves:


  • 45% higher contract accuracy
  • 43% higher contract renewal
  • 42% speed-up contracting speed and volume
  • 43% higher contract compliance
  • 51% better deal flow visibility

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