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Expand Your Tech Capabilities with Our Dedicated Team as a Service

Expand Your Tech Capabilities with Our Dedicated Team as a Service

With the rapid advancement of new technologies, programming languages and increased market competitiveness, many businesses struggle to keep up the pace of software development just with their in-house staff. Our “dedicated team as a service” model offers a strategic partnership that goes beyond technical talent.

Collaborating with our dedicated teams enables you to deliver your ideas at a higher velocity, paired with industry-specific technical know-how and a fresh perspective derived from their extensive experience. Expand your tech capabilities with the right balance between agility, precision, and reliability. Achieve faster time to market with a fixed cost but a flexible scope that allows you to manage the pace of software development according to your budget and important milestones.

We Provide Just the Right Fit Based on
Your Current Needs


  • We can build high-velocity teams on a project basis fully managed by Scalefocus or by the client. Our dedicated teams can cover the whole software development cycle, as well as project management, prototyping, product development, R&D, QA or infrastructure and app maintenance.
  • Our experts can also be mixed with your staff with a skillset tailored to your current needs. They blend flawlessly with your business processes and culture while providing outstanding results and unbiased improvement advice.
  • One-team adoption scenario – although this one can come in many flavors, you can get access to a diverse group of qualified specialists from various fields forming a cohesive unit that works towards common objectives, leveraging their diverse skills and expertise.
  • In any case, we provide just the right fit based on your current needs, technology requirements and the state of software development.

Team motivation

With nearly 2x above the average NPS score for employee satisfaction, we know how to motivate our people.

Team velocity

We are focused on speed of delivery without compromising quality, always looking for the blind spots that can be improved.

Agility and flexibility

Ramp up and down to avoid excess costs and spend only when needed.

Mindful guidance

We provide additional technical guidance and propose improvements for the benefit of the client and the project.

One team culture

Our team members adapt to your culture and blend with your values and mission to enable seamless collaboration and effective communication.

What We Offer

Our talented professionals are seasoned in leading technologies. We provide extended capabilities across several industry verticals and technology expertise.

Technology Stack


Ready to scale and meet the technology challenges of tomorrow?

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