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When Brilliant Ideas Meet Outstanding Engineering

When Brilliant Ideas Meet Outstanding Engineering

We at Scalefocus help organizations build amazing products by leveraging world-class engineering teams and subject matter experts that bring know-how from different verticals to accelerate your time-to-market, mitigate risk and select the right technologies to realize your vision. We guide companies through every stage of the product development lifecycle and our unique approach combined with proprietary framework accelerators ensures you get the best possible outcome.

Let’s Build Your Product. Together.


Digital Platforms


Web & Mobile Applications


Industry Solutions


Enterprise Products

Our Product Development Services are designed for:

  • Early-stage startups with no in-house teams looking to build a prototype or an MVP to streamline their product vision
  • Later-stage startups or scaleups looking to accelerate product development
  • Later-stage startups or scaleups looking to make the crucial step from a prototype to an MVP or fully realize their product vision
  • Scaleups that need to redesign their product to meet the challenges of growth
  • B2C data plan usage information in the in-car HMI
  • Organizations seeking to accelerate the time to market of their products
  • Organizations lacking product development know-how
  • Organizations seeking to modernize existing products
  • Enterprises struggling to innovate and experiment with new ideas, market segments, or business concepts

What We Do

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Research and Estimation

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Design, software and hardware prototyping

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Custom development (making sure you retain all the IPr) or cloud service accelerated development (fast time to market and validation of features, seamless scaling and monitoring)

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Redesigning and re-platforming existing products that are on the verge or already experiencing growth challenges

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Transparent support of delivered solutions with predictable budget frames in our specialized AppCare 360 solution

Our Product Development Framework

Our product development framework is split into 5 distinct phases to ensure that every step through your journey is well-planned and properly executed for success.

Idea Validation and Prototyping


Creating a high-quality product that nobody uses on time and within budget is project management without product vision. We help you tackle the critical roadblocks in an efficient and focused way, and to challenge and validate your idea and product strategy, bringing you to the next level and creating value for your customers.

Understanding what drives your business growth takes more than just design thinking. We enable rapid product creation so you can quickly test ideas and get meaningful metrics on how your customers behave. You can rapidly change and adapt by comparing alternatives in your approach through data-driven A/B testing and other strategies. Quick prototyping helps you validate your idea faster and understand where you stand on the market, what makes you valuable to your customers, and vice versa, what value structure they bring to your business model.

We can help you prove your ideas’ worth through product ideation, design, and efficient delivery of an MVP. If you are well underway in designing an offering based on your idea, we can help through scoping complexity, technology, and design consulting in a flexible R&D as a Service model, allowing the collaboration between us to utilize the strengths of both sides.

You get:

Business Analysis
Idea Stress Test
Product Strategy
Initial Project Estimates

Design and Planning






Deployment and Productivity


Why Work with Scalefocus?

  • More than 100+ successful full-cycle product development projects
  • Embedded high-end security
  • R&D bringing tangible innovation to both startups and enabling huge enterprises to innovate
  • Leverage exceptional domain knowledge, bringing cross-domain know-how and innovation to your product
  • Innovate with a partner that has the right culture
  • We manage the risk together
  • Accelerate market validation for your products
  • No hidden agenda and straightforward communication
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Optimize cost and agility

Our Focus


Early-stage startups in need of tech help & guidance


Scaleups in need of a product redesign to handle their growth phase


Large enterprises wanting to stay innovative in need of an innovation and R&D partner

Why Us

Rapid time to market

Our service accelerator solutions and cloud engineering acumen will speed up the time to market and accelerate idea validation through customers.

Product-focused engineering

Our over decade-long experience of delivering products for some of the world’s biggest companies comes packaged as a reusable experience to accelerate your success.

Business understanding

We specialize in specific business verticals and have diverse experience delivering products that meet the required business goal.

Delivery at scale

We have experience building from small scrum teams to whole delivery centers, so we can scale according to the support you need.

Ready to scale and meet the technology challenges of tomorrow?

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