Managed Services

Are you ready to face the challenges of the constantly evolving dynamic environment alone? Let’s bring your business to the next level with our Managed Services.

Why do you need Managed Services?

In a world, where trends are being introduced every day, it is crucial to have a partner, who can easily grasp those and turn them in your favor. Staying on the low will make space for the competition to get ahead of your business in no time. Are you constantly hearing terms like Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistants, yet don’t fully understand how your company can benefit from these and many other technological advancements?

ScaleFocus is here to stand by your side and help you advance by leveraging top-notch technology. Our Managed Services help you optimize and effectively manage your traditional IT environment to quickly adapt to changes.

We have outlined a fraction of the key benefits, which our Managed Services bring to your organization:

Reduce and control your operational costs better

Minimize labor costs, associated with training and onboarding new IT staff

Rely on compliance and enhanced security

Focus on your core business activities

Quickly implement new technological advancements

Level the playing field with your competitors

Benefit from immediate expert-level support

Accurately predict your IT-related expenses

When do you have to consider Managed Services?

Regardless of the state in which you company is now, successfully taking care of your IT environment is becoming tougher as new regulations and advancements are being introduced every day. Ask yourself the following questions and if the answer on even one of them is “yes”, your company is in the need of a Managed Service Provider.

  • Could your business have achieved more this year?
  • Have you spent more time, money and energy dealing with IT than initially planned?
  • Did you have to deal with service outages, system downtime or loss of company data?

Some things better be taken care of by professionals. Our tech experts are certified and have exhaustive know-how and hands-on experience with looking after IT environments of various sizes. Hiring, training and onboarding a team of your own will cost you time and extra expenses. Why go through all the headaches instead of focus on expanding your business and dealing with other strategic initiatives?

As your company evolves, its IT support structure needs to grow as well. When you use a Managed IT Service provider, you can scale your business up or down by simply discussing all the changes with us. Choosing ScaleFocus as your trusted Managed Services provider will give you a clear and transparent overview of all associated monthly costs. You will be able to scale your operations seamlessly, have immediate access to experts and make sure all systems within the company are aligned and function as expected. The benefits of Managed IT Services may be just what your business needs to take it to the next level.

Bring excellence in with our Dedicated Teams

Dedicated teams

Do you want to mirror or extend your IT delivery in a distributed development center, but want to avoid all the headaches, associated with incorporating, recruiting and setting up the necessary management, office and technical infrastructure? A dedicated excellence team from ScaleFocus will give you all the advantages of your own operations within a fraction of the cost and time needed to get the new center off the ground.

What is a dedicated team?

A team of experienced IT professionals, fully dedicated to the goals of your projects and organization, working under the supervision of your technical team leads and project managers in full alignment with your processes in a distributed environment.

What is a dedicated team suitable for?

Regardless of your organization’s size and goals, our Dedicated Teams are here to take off the workload, associated with taking care of your IT environment and operations. Our engineers will be fully dedicated and responsible for keeping your systems up-to-date with all regulations and trends, associated with technology.

How it all works?


  • Advance your team by choosing tech experts from our internal talent pool to take care of your IT environment.
  • Initiate and lead your future team to deliver the products and features your business needs.
  • Scale team size and adjust team composition in accordance with your changing technology requirements and business goals.


  • Carefully select and propose candidates to fit within your business needs, based on our extensive knowledge of the skills, experience and personality of each ScaleFocus engineer.
  • Take care of the entire process, connected to recruitment, retention, trainings, talent- development, administration, payroll, additional benefits and bonuses. Provide an engaging company culture and nurturing work-environment in a Class A office building with premium secure infrastructure guided by ISO:27001 compliant processes.
  • Provide immense staffing flexibility with internal resources and the ability to attract the best talent available on the market.
  • Proactively monitor the overall engagement, discuss and anticipate your needs for advancing the delivery setup.

Remote Managed Services Delivery through Remote Delivery Centers of Excellence

Are you looking to build an outside IT delivery center of excellence?

We have been serving as a Remote Delivery Center of Excellence for both large Silicon Valley enterprises as well as medium-sized organizations. Our teams are currently taking care of the entire IT landscapes of many companies. We serve as an extended arm, which helps business to leverage top notch technology to support their long-term sustainable growth.

Having a trusted partner for long term engagements, complex development projects, which require a diverse mix of skills and professional engineers is vital in today’s dynamic world. Your organization needs an experienced remote delivery center with a team, which can take care of the overall responsibility, deliverables and team performance.

We, at ScaleFocus will:

  • Ramp up a team of excellence as per the speed you need.
  • Manage and improve both the overall team and individual performance as to meet the evolving market needs.
  • Take care of the project backlog and product management, technical and team leadership, improving performance and accelerating the speed of delivery.
  • Consult on technical and system architecture, implement best practices (e.g. Continuous Integration and Build Automation).
  • Take care of the technical oversight, design and development, testing, support, QA/UAT, product implementation.
  • Make sure everything is completed in a secure and reliable manner, as per the agreed deadlines.

Or we can simply discuss which technical lines, solutions or process you would like not to manage internally and we will take care of them remotely. The power of managed services is that you can focus on what matters for your core business, while we take care of everything else regarding your systems or IT infrastructure or whatever else you would like managed by a leading software engineering company.

Solution Development and Project Implementation

Creating and managing entire solutions and projects from scratch or stepping-in to start managing them for you is the highest complexity relationship model we operate under. Our managed services for complete solution development and project implementation span across the entire software lifecycle, narrowing the effort to a specific project or system/solution you need to be built or taken-over by us.

When to engage with our Managed Teams of Excellence?

Here is when to consider engaging with our managed services solution and project implementation:

  • If you need a high-end custom solution, but don’t have capacity to execute yourself
  • In case you know your exact business goals and want to focus on expanding business, not on IT
  • When you need implementation of a quite complex solutions or software projects
  • When you need an adaptive and extensive approach from your partner in order to achieve your business goals, without worrying about your software
  • When you need someone who can leverage different technologies and platforms for successful deployment and management of project outcomes

No matter what your case is we can handle your project or solution’s implementation, bringing it to life with utmost professionalism and making sure it adheres to the KPIs we set together.

Choose our Managed Services and let’s bring software excellence to the next level.