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MuleSoft: Deliver More Value with a Scalable API Ecosystem

MuleSoft: Deliver More Value with a Scalable API Ecosystem

Companies are facing numerous challenges trying to integrate new applications into their existing landscape. The need for connected, seamless digital experiences spans every industry, especially today when a single customer interaction crosses up to 35 different systems on average.

Point-to-point integrations are helpful when a company has a manageable number of applications. But as they grow and become more complex, integration becomes a #1 reason for a digital transformation failure.

MuleSoft is a leader in providing a flexible, easy-to-scale architecture for integrations using the API-Led Connectivity approach with many out-of-the-box connectors that are easy to configure for different systems.

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World’s #1 integration and API platform

Deliver more value with a stable and easily scalable API ecosystem

Unlock and unify data

Integrate data wherever it resides – on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.

Empower your business with APIs

Allow your developers, partners and customers to discover and reuse APIs.

Create connected experiences, faster

Deliver integrated experiences faster with an API and integration marketplace.

Run more efficiently

Get more done in much less time using clicks or code.

Scalefocus offers implementation and consultancy for MuleSoft’s API-Led Connectivity integration approach: from delivery of reusable integrations to custom development of a tailored application network.

The successful implementation of the MuleSoft API-Led integration approach will increase productivity, innovation and agility and will decrease operational costs significantly.

Proven technology, approach and methodology
Speed Improvement
Increase in developer productivity
Reduction in maintenance costs
Faster time to market

Integration Domains 

Scalefocus follows the API-Led Connectivity approach in our MuleSoft projects. Every implementation is adjusted to follow the best practices for creating System, Process, and Experience APIs that we effortlessly integrate into the client’s Application Network. ​ 

​We offer API design and integration implementations with various protocols including, but not limited to, REST, SOAP, HTTP, JDBC, SAP IDOCs, GraphQL, and Odata. We implement custom integrations based on specialized standards and B2B integration using UN/EDIFACT, X12, and EANCOM EDI.​  

Our MuleSoft team has experience with different business domains like Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Telco, Manufacturing, Government, Banking, etc. We also provide consultancies for business process orchestrations and optimizations via BPM-based solutions. ​ 

Our team delivers integrations using MuleSoft and has a deep understanding of the integration principles using various other technologies. With years of experience in complex enterprise projects, leveraging MuleSoft and other relevant technologies, the Scalefocus consultants can help you with any integration challenge.

Our Services
Architecture & Consulting

Our team of certified MuleSoft architects offers guidance and innovative solutions for business cases in all major industries.  

Legacy Platform Modernization 

Scalefocus helps clients identify all possible modernization approaches and related risks and impacts.  

API Design & Management 

Our experts are involved in all stages of designing, documenting, publishing, and analyzing data for usage, load, and logs from the APIs. 

Business Process Management

Scalefocus ensures our client’s business processes are invariably flawless in terms of design, modeling, implementation, monitoring, and optimization. 

Implementation & Customization 

Involvement in the entire lifecycle of API development – from design, building, testing, and development to deployment and versioning. Scalefocus also specializes in existing code customization.

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