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Delivery Models

Delivery Models

Scalefocus developed two delivery models that offer flexibility depending on your strategic business goals to ensure the highest level of software engineering excellence and efficiency.

Premium Delivery Model:
Best-in-Class Engineering Service


Scalefocus’ Premium Software Engineering services are conducted from esteemed delivery centers in Eastern Europe based in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Türkiye, and distributed delivery centers in LATAM based in Colombia, Brazil, and Peru.


This strategic model ensures top-tier software engineering, particularly tailored for mission-critical and time-sensitive projects that are pivotal to an organization’s future success.

Delivery Focus

Engineering Services

Unmatched quality and expertise in software engineering to ensure top-notch, mission-critical solutions. 


Adherence to strict data protection regulations to maintain the highest standards of security and privacy. 

Full Work-Day

Seamless collaboration with European and North American clients due to shared working hours.


Strategic guidance and insights to leverage the latest technologies and optimize project outcomes. 


Clear and effective communication channels to foster collaboration and understanding. 

Quality and

Commitment to excellence in both quality of deliverables and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Our Approach

This service model is the preferred engagement for businesses seeking exceptional engineering quality comparable to or surpassing local service companies and talent, all while benefiting from a distinctive cost advantage. Our approach facilitates full workday overlap with our European and North American clients, enhancing collaboration and reducing turnaround times. Additionally, the model capitalizes on close cultural and physical proximity to foster seamless communication and a deeper understanding of client needs. 

Beyond software delivery, Scalefocus’ Premium Software Engineering service extends to comprehensive business domain knowledge and complimentary technology advisory. This additional dimension accelerates project delivery timelines and drives unparalleled business value for our clients, setting us apart as a trusted partner for innovation and success. 

By encapsulating these attributes, our Premium Software Engineering services cater to the sophisticated needs of discerning clients, offering a holistic approach that blends technical prowess with business acumen for unparalleled success. 

Hybrid Delivery Model:
Blend of Expertise and Efficiency


Our Hybrid Delivery Model offers a balanced approach to software delivery by augmenting our Premium Delivery locations in Eastern Europe, and the distributed ones in LATAM with capabilities from India and Vietnam.


This strategic combination caters to projects that demand efficiency while also requiring a more cost-effective solution. Ideal for organizations operating across multiple time zones, the model addresses the need for extended working hours and fosters collaboration in a multicultural environment.

Delivery Focus

Optimized Cost-Efficiency

Leveraging cost-effective resources from India and Vietnam without compromising on quality or project outcomes.

Extended Time Overlap

Facilitating collaboration with teams in different time zones by ensuring extended working hours for seamless communication and project continuity. 

Cultural Adaptability

Adapting to and leveraging a multicultural environment for enriched collaboration and cross-functional interactions. 

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Delivering projects efficiently and effectively by combining the best of both premium and offshore capabilities for optimized results. 

Our Approach

This model seamlessly integrates the expertise and excellence of our premium locations with the cost-effectiveness and scalability provided by India and Vietnam, striking an optimal balance between quality and budget considerations. Clients benefit from a diversified talent pool, flexible resource allocation, and streamlined project execution, making it a preferred choice for projects with budget constraints but no compromise on quality or timelines.  

By embracing the Hybrid Delivery Model, clients can harness the strengths of both premium and offshore locations to achieve successful project outcomes that meet stringent cost targets while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency. This model represents a harmonious blend of expertise, cost-effectiveness, and collaborative synergy to drive innovation and success for our clients.


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