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Remote Delivery Center for Global Leader in Quote-to-Cash Solutions

Remote Delivery Center for Global Leader in Quote-to-Cash Solutions

Success Story

A quickly growing market in Europe prompted our US-based client to pivot and expand its presence in the Old Continent. A Silicon Valley Salesforce innovator, its main workforce was based predominantly out of the US and India. To this end, Scalefocus stepped in as a nearshore development center and provided a team of experts ready to embrace the challenge. Our team delivered a low-code configurable solution that could be scaled up depending on the client’s needs.



Decrease in
engineering costs

The Client

Our client is a global leader in the software as a service (SaaS) industry. The company offers a unique product portfolio that includes quote-to-cash and contract management solutions. More precisely, these are Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Document Generation, and Process Automation. These distinctive features add up to create a complete package that could transform any business and propel them into digitalization. Our client’s aim is to maintain and further develop its competitive edge in order to constantly achieve commercial excellence.

The Solution

Our client’s main challenge was to find ways to navigate through delivery roadblocks and to have reliable and scalable software solutions in order to meet the rising demand in Europe.

For that reason, they needed to find a trusted nearshore partner who could readily take up the project and hit the ground running, offering prepared and skillful teams.

After a brief training, we built out a Remote Delivery Center to service a variety of software development projects. We scaled their operations with four teams, each with specific technical know-how and expertise. More precisely, these teams were: developers, configuration engineers, solution architects, and a QA department.

Having a strong presence and being actively involved across departments allowed us to track and control the whole software project cycle from start to finish. Our responsibilities included software implementation in which software engineers set up out-of-the-box functionalities. Developers worked over customizations.

In order to successfully handle our client’s operations, our team was involved in the development of functionalities for the specific products: Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

CPQ is an automated sales tool that allows a business to handle and manage offers sent to clients. CPQ applications often work together with CLM applications. Seen as the next step of the cycle, CLM automates contract processes and streamlines them to a specific client, product, region etc.

Working on a project in which the client entrusted us their software allowed us to expand our scope and take care of every detail along the development life cycle. More specifically, we were able to use a number of technologies like CPQ & CLM configuration, Apex customizations, Salesforce Lightning & Aura frameworks, Visualforce pages, Data integrations, Salesforce declarative development, Salesforce Administration, and more.

A great amount of attention was given to the development of the CPQ product. Our team worked on the creation of Pricing Engine software that provides fast and accurate pricing to make sure margins and profits are optimized.

The solution architect’s department was focused on the application architecture, and our QA experts performed complex tests to make sure there would be no issues throughout the process.

In addition, our team devoted time and effort to enhance X-Author – an award-winning connector between Microsoft Excel and our client’s CLM or CPQ applications. That way, data could be automatically transferred from one software to another in a hassle-free and convenient manner. Thousands of records could be moved at any time, alleviating the workload from administrators, and also making the end user’s journey easier.

In addition to this project, our team was also involved in software development, solution and technical architecture, configuration, and QA for a large Dutch manufacturer of technical equipment. For this second project, Bulgaria acted as one of the main delivery centers. We provided solutions for quoting, product configuration, pricing, ordering, and integrations. Additionally, among other developments, we improved the product record and the catalogue structure. Our team successfully handled the migration of one CRM, in this case Microsoft Dynamics, to another, Salesforce.

Scalefocus was the preferred vendor for this migration based on our previous expertise and proved track record in delivering exceptionally smooth processes.

Another important project for which our remote delivery center offered software solutions was for a leading Dutch online travel agency. Our Apttus/Conga certified team successfully implemented a Conga CLM solution, enhancing the platform’s capabilities when handling user tasks.

Last but not least, our RDC has also managed a project for a leading Nordic telecom provider. This was our client’s first project in Europe, and we started providing them with software development services since their very beginning.


With our solid backing, the client received more than satisfactory results that allowed for quicker time-to-market, significantly improved productivity, and led to a considerable decrease in engineering costs. While the tasks were complex and challenging, a trusted RDC like Scalefocus came prepared and highly ambitious to drive growth and showcase a stellar performance.

Key Benefits Results:

  • Shorter project delivery times for existing and new business
  • 10+ successful projects for various partners of our client
  • Established Center of Excellence for Salesforce QTC and CLM with a team of certified professionals
  • Decrease in engineering costs due to streamlined process and delivery
  • Improved productivity due to reliable enablement of process, staff planning, retention planning and capacity building

Technologies used

Apex Development
Salesforce declarative development
Salesforce Administration
CPQ/CLM/Billing configuration
Visualforce pages
Lightning and Aura Frameworks
CPQ pricing configuration
CPQ catalogue configuration
Template administration
Conga Composer configuration

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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