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Big Data & Analytics

Increasing Operational Excellence in Hospitality with
a Data Warehouse

Increasing Operational Excellence in Hospitality with
a Data Warehouse

Success Story

Our client – a well-known luxurious company wanted to revamp its Data Warehouse architecture and increase its customer and operational excellence. After extensive due diligence, we implemented a robust Data Warehouse solution that ensured data consistency, enabled decision-makers to derive valuable business insights, decreased costs, and improved their bottom line.


Improved Operations Efficiency

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The Client

Leading international leisure company operating in 24 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. In addition to their core luxury hotel business, our client also operates train services and river cruises.

The Solution

Our software solution provided a powerful tool for conversion and visualization of large amounts of data. The team implemented application programming interfaces, 2 portals, WebShell, Data Feed Service, RT, to support and optimize the platform’s dashboard data analysis and visualizations (.NET based solution).

The centralized database serves as a metadata repository for numerous source systems with embedded aggregation functions:

  • Improved accuracy and quality throughout optimization;
  • Improved productivity and efficiency of the systems;
  • Reduced operational costs.

Scalefocus was involved from day one into the entire solution development lifecycle – from requirements gathering to production delivery. Our teams performed simultaneously the development of new functionalities as well as fixes of old bugs. Completed on time and meeting the high expectations for quality and functionalities set in the beginning, the project resulted in a 4-year-long partnership with Scalefocus for front-end and advanced data services.


Scalefocus stepped in and prepared a detailed roadmap for integration, restructuring of the existing systems, and conclusively implementing the Data Warehouse.

The first step was in-depth business and technical analysis of their Customer Analytics Platform. Within just two weeks, the team gathered the needed information, created a detailed functional and technical requirements specification, set up and aligned with all stakeholders on the required execution for the Data Warehouse transformation.

As part of the implementation phase, Scalefocus prepared the data models and ETL system for customer analytics and information management such as account, product, and booking data.

We implemented an end-to-end solution that:

  • Covered the full life cycle – infrastructure planning, architecture, and UAT
  • Data Warehouse maintenance and support services, ensuring the system is up and running
  • Development of a web portal for manual import of required data

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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