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Quality Engineering

Where passion for quality meets the unlimited power of technology

Cue me in: what’s QE?

Quality Engineering (QE) is a holistic approach to product development and quality management across the entire software development life cycle (SDLC). It’s not only about the tools, but about making sure that everyone within the organization not only understands the need for quality but also promotes it. We believe that, above all else, QE is a mindset. Quality Engineers must be the gatekeepers who establish quality-driven best practices and make sure everyone across the team follows them. Not simply as an obligation, but because they know quality must remain in focus during the entire development life cycle.

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Work with us, grow with us

As a member of the QE team, you will have a clear career path. In fact, it’s so meticulously crafted that it became a prototype for other teams to adapt and use. Yes, we are true trailblazers. Our Technology Team Leads are always there to talk to you and listen so that together you could create your individual development plan. We want you to know where you are in your career, be aware of your strengths and areas for improvement so that you can grow not only professionally but on a personal level too.

Climb the QE career ladder, one step at a time

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Good, better, best, never let it rest. Till your good is better, and your better – best.

The QA team is a place where you can learn, but also feel free to make mistakes along the way. It’s a safe space, in which we all acquire new skills through a large support system. Our Technology Team Leads make sure there is abundant knowledge transfer across the entire team and that anyone can take advantage of a number of training and development opportunities.

There are frequent knowledge-sharing sessions, where every team member can take on the leading role and talk about their experience on a certain project, irrespective of seniority level. In addition, we organize practical technology trainings, including special sessions for junior team members to help them gain real-world, hands-on experience kickstarting their QE careers. In fact, as soon as a new colleague joins, our Technology Team Leads create an individual mentorship program to help entrants get a smooth and efficient introduction to their role. Almost 100% of our QE experts are ISTQB® Foundation Level Certified and a large number of them have completed various higher ISTQB® levels.

Another important aspect of our learning and development strategy is creating leaders from within the organization. In 2021, we launched our very own LEAD program specifically designed to encourage and support teammates in perfecting their leadership skills. The program is composed of practical interactive content and can be completed at your own pace.

The types of projects you will be working on

Once you have joined our QE team, you will become a part of exciting projects across a variety of industries: Energy & Utilities, Healthcare & Life Science, Telecom & Media, Finance & Banking, E-commerce & Retail, among others. By doing challenging work, you will get the chance to advance your technical skill set and use best-in-class innovative tools. Our clients put special emphasis on quality, which creates an environment where people are motivated to outperform themselves because they can feel what they do is meaningful.

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Meet the Technology Manager

“The thing that has always appealed to me about Quality Engineering is that, despite popular belief, it’s not only about identifying problems, but also about preventing them as well as finding a solution.”

Hristina Yonova

Quality Engineering Technology Manager, Scalefocus

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Quality Engineering

Principal Quality Engineer

Bitola, Burgas, Istanbul, Plovdiv, Skopje, Sofia, Varna

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Quality Engineering

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Bitola, Burgas, Istanbul, Plovdiv, Skopje, Sofia, Varna

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