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Java & Integration

Join the growing community of developers using one of the most universal programming languages in the world

Java is the new black

Java is everywhere. It’s in the tech stack of the biggest companies in the world, it’s in computer games, desktop and mobile applications, all over the Internet. It has been around for over а quarter of a century and is still among the top programming languages globally.

Picture this: Java gets downloaded more than a billion times a year. Impressive, right? As a Java developer you will be involved in the entire software development life cycle of a product, from concept to testing. This is not a job about clocking in and out. It’s about passion for supporting continuous improvement within the team and across projects, investigating alternatives and technologies. Even more simply, it’s a job for those who must love what they do.

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Work with us, grow with us

Having picked a career in programming, you already know that becoming a good developer isn’t the result of someone giving you the knowledge and skills. It’s about being proactive and constantly building on what you already know. At Scalefocus, we make sure you have everything you need to advance your Java career – great mentorship, access to innovative technologies and the ability to switch between projects. You can count on one thing – your ambition and hard work won’t go unnoticed. We don’t believe in talent and luck. Instead, we count on hard work and reward it.

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Good, better, best, never let it rest. Till your good is better, and your better – best.

Perfect your Java skills at Scalefocus Academy

For the third year in a row, ambitious developers-to-be can join our Scalefocus Academy and learn the fundamentals of Java programming free of charge in 90 days. The Academy gives participants the chance to work on real-life projects and bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Seasoned Scalefocus professionals pass on their know-how and mentor students, laying the foundation for their successful IT career and creating an environment of shared culture and values.

Build on your know-how with tech and soft skills trainings

Our Java colleagues also have access to a variety of tech training options through platforms such as Udemy, Coursera and Pluralsight. They can get certified in everything from, you guessed it, Java to Spring, AWS and MuleSoft. The Scalefocus Learning & Development crew also makes other opportunities available regularly, including soft skills trainings focusing on time management, conflict resolution, effective communication and emotional intelligence. Additionally, anyone who wants to develop their managerial skill set can complete our internal LEAD program. The 15-week course covers essential topics, such as building effective teams, communicating with different behavior types and creating trust.

Share your experience and learn from others through knowledge transfer sessions

We also hold knowledge-sharing sessions initiated by team members who discuss with the Scalefocus Java & Integration community their experience on interesting projects. Another great event we organize is our Tech Savvy Talks series where Technology Team Leads (TTLs) cover hot tech topics. Our North Macedonian team already has their own local event – Java Beers Skopje, which we plan to gradually adapt and export to all of our delivery locations.

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The types of projects you will be working on

As part of the Java & Integration team at Scalefocus, you will sharpen your skills on interesting projects and boost your confidence as a programmer while collaborating with colleagues from outside your direct team. We do varied work for a wide network of international clients that is constantly expanding. You will be working for Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders from Canada, India, China, the USA, Singapore and across all of Europe.

Meet the Technology Manager

“I think being proactive is a programmer’s strongest asset. If you have that, you can very easily find where you fit in and reach your full potential. It’s the best way to stand out and it’s certainly how I managed to get ahead in my own career.”

Tushka Dermendzhieva

Java & Integration Technology Manager

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The roles we have for you


Java Technology Team Lead

Burgas, Plovdiv, Skopje, Sofia, Varna

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Senior Java Developer

Burgas, Istanbul, Plovdiv, Skopje, Sofia, Varna

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Senior Java Software Engineer

Burgas, Istanbul, Plovdiv, Skopje, Sofia, Varna

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Senior Java Software Engineer: Full-Stack (E-commerce, Cloud)

Burgas, Istanbul, Plovdiv, Skopje, Sofia, Varna

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