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Deploying a Remote Delivery Center for a Digital Retailer

Deploying a Remote Delivery Center for a Digital Retailer

Success Story

Our client – a Fortune 1000 manufacturer and digital retailer, was on the quest to fully digitalize their service offerings and augment the customers’ experience worldwide. As part of their transformational journey, they entrusted us with the development and implementation of critical components to support and accelerate the development of a wide range of digital products, which increased customer satisfaction and provided fresh opportunities for the company to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

30x Increase in

2x Decrease in
Engineering Costs

6x Faster

The Client

A Fortune 1000 manufacturer and digital retailer of high-quality personalized products and services offered through a family of lifestyle brands, based in the USA. Their business solutions revolve around digital printing services that enable efficient and effective customer engagement through personalized communications.

The Solution

The portfolio of products and services composing the client’s infrastructure is a critical mix of interconnected systems and other standalone products or services that are integrated on various levels.

Social Share

The key component in the portfolio of brands is a social add-on and a mobile app regarding the product experience.


Sisyphus is another significant component in the client IT landscape. It is one of the features that are externalized from AppCode and acts as a standalone functionality. It is accessed by a variety of clients (desktop, mobile, web). The component provides API endpoints for the actual upload of data.

Data API

Data API is a cloud-based data management ecosystem. As a member of the Data API team, our experts were engaged in a high-performance agile environment that focuses on deliverables within the client’s backend systems – developing features, improving quality, and delivering a scalable platform. Scalefocus’s team was responsible for Data API services, managing asynchronous queue-consumer workers, improving the cache layers, increasing telemetry with instrumentation, continuously enforcing unit testing, and working with billions of records in a highly available database. The team also integrates external third-party services and works with the client’s shared microservices providing a speedy and resilient Data API platform.

Content management

Content management is a project that aims at faster product enablement. It covers the tools used to make new or modified products available to customers through the front-end systems.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Concurrently, a network operations center (NOC) is founded at Scalefocus in Sofia to support the client’s initiative to turn the existing support center from a communication point into an active problem-solver that automates activities and architects the systems to operate more efficiently. The Remote Delivery Center effectively covered the off-hours shifts, removing the need for night shifts in the US headquarters.

Unified backend with .NET

Utilizing our extensive .NET expertise, we began unifying backend platforms and technologies that had been developed independently for over 20 years. The Scalefocus .NET team created prototypes for improving efficiency internally within the project and for introducing possible new products to the client. By analyzing the current fragmented systems, we were able to identify key features that needed to be applied across all products and platforms. As a result, we developed 2 full frameworks for faster project setup in Spring and NodeJS with a focus on Microservices and real-time monitoring. We also implemented custom monitoring solutions for Service Level Response Time, as well as a framework for network virtualization. We introduced SignalFX and Neustar for continuous monitoring and data gathering and optimized caching by introducing new solutions for hybrid cache.

  • RDC provides access to a large pool of 100+ dedicated engineers with a diverse set of skills;
  • Multi-project engagement & technical ownership for many key in-flight projects;
  • Business-critical ongoing 24/7 services;
  • Implementation of a highly configurable hybrid-cloud modular platform based on a modern technology stack.


Prior to embracing the Remote Delivery Center of Excellence concept, the client used to lack processes and measurability of the tech-work delivered by several geographically dispersed vendors. The centralized global delivery hub of Scalefocus ensured a well-balanced communication stream between the offshore delivery teams and the headquarters.

Scalefocus took responsibility for the enhancement of components that cover the entire user flow from image upload to print along with the large-scale engineering projects. Our team efforts were directed towards a simplified consumer creation experience and implementation of a more straightforward UX design, which led to an increased consumer engagement and conversions.

Our team introduced a new custom test automation framework, which resulted in faster script creation, enhanced test maintenance, and better code reusability. As a result, 90% of the false-positive alerts were eliminated in 35% of the test scripts in the framework’s previous version.

Some of the results include:

  • 30x faster time-to-market on new products;
  • 5x reduced operating costs to business-critical rendering platform;
  • 2x decrease in engineering costs;
  • 6x faster staffing when new resources are needed.

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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