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Mobile Engineering

The future of technology lives in the palms of our hands

Mobile Apps: people want something exceptional, and they need it fast

We now live through our phones. It may be an uncomfortable truth to admit, but a single look around you will prove it. Globally, people use mobile devices more than desktops, and there are more smartphones than computers. People spend 93% of their phone time on apps and only 7% on web browsers. In this context, what is the most urgent problem mobile development has to solve? Providing users with a unique experience at high speed.  

Challenge accepted. Full of tech wizards who know mobile best practices and top trends in and out, the Scalefocus mobile team is perfectly equipped to create any app for any business. Whether we design a hybrid or a native mobile solution or perform application modernization, we will follow up with full lifecycle application support and make sure business results exceed expectations.

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Work with us, grow with us

If you have picked an engineering career in all things mobile, you’re probably drawn to modern technology’s ever-changing yet limitless nature. This already makes us interested in your potential. Once you join our team, you can contribute with your unique know-how while learning from genuinely talented and ambitious co-creators. We designed a career path that accurately represents the professional progression you can expect once onboard. You’ll use mentorship and knowledge-sharing to reach your career goals. Whatever your level, at Scalefocus, you’ll level up.


Good, better, best, never let it rest. Till your good is better, and your better – best.

Learning is a two-way street: benefit from our knowledge-sharing culture

We are firm believers in learning. Learning from others, learning from best practices, and our own missteps. We hold regular knowledge-sharing sessions where we discuss our experiences in various projects — successes and mistakes. In addition, the whole team meets weekly to talk about the latest technology trends in Mobile development. To stay on top of all that is hot and new, we go a step further and prepare a bi-yearly iOS and Android tech report with updates from the world of mobile. Download your copy of the latest report here.   

Go higher and higher, one training at a time  

Once you join our mobile development family, you’ll get access to various training opportunities. As part of our internal upskilling program, we work with education platforms like Pluralsight and Udemy. You can choose from a rich catalogue of online courses to upgrade your tech expertise. Our learning and development team is constantly designing programs to help you improve your soft skills in effective communication, time management, constructive feedback, etc. If you are interested in managerial roles, you can take advantage of our self-learning LEAD program with practical, interactive content. 

We’ll pamper you with tailored growth and development opportunities

Staying in the same place professionally and not expanding your skillset is detrimental in the IT world. With this understanding, we made it our priority to help and nurture our teammates in their individual learning and development journeys. We start at the beginning, as one does, with our excellent internship program that offers employment opportunities to the best performers. Then we continue with our development program for junior colleagues providing mentorship and plenty of valuable digital resources, book recommendations, etc.

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The types of projects you will be working on

We apply our tech know-how and industry expertise to various projects — we work with new players and leading international companies. Through our R&D center, we stay on top of the latest trends in the world of mobile and keep our focus on innovation. 

Whether designing a native, a hybrid or an enterprise application, we always start with consultancy and end with providing full lifecycle app support. Learn more about our mobile development capabilities and check out our 2022 Grand Stevie® Winner solution SoundVision

Meet the Technology Manager

“Mobile apps are now doing what the Internet did with computers in the late 90s. Mobile is the new Internet.”

Nedjalko Milenkov

Mobile Technology Manager

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