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Technology for Better Mobility


Technology for Better Mobility

Innovation that increases the visually impaired people’s independence and quality of life

SoundVision is an affordable palm-sized and easy-to-use device that improves visually impaired people’s mobility and lifestyle. Paired with a mobile app, it complements the standard white cane and helps users become more active and independent by providing real-time information about the surrounding area. SoundVision boasts a comprehensive combination of features that is unparalleled in the global healthcare industry.


Easy to use

Switch between 5 modes (Distance, Color, Light, Compass, Stand By) with a single button click.

Complements the white cane

The device features complement the traditional white cane and improve visually impaired people’s awareness of space, location, and objects in their vicinity.

Range finder

The hardware solution uses an ultrasonic distance sensor which measures and tells the distance to the nearest object being pointed at within a 3-meter distance.

Location finder

Combination of data for buildings, suites, rooms, obstacles, Points of Interest (PoI), beacons, routes, and floor exits for navigation through Bluetooth beacons.


SoundVision is voice-powered and warns users through a built-in speaker or headphones plugged in the 3,5 mm stereo jack.

Ergonomic design

SoundVision is a lightweight, hand-held device with a simple ergonomic design to facilitate travel and daily routine.

How It Works

Warns the user when walking obstacles are detected

Recognizes different colors and lighting conditions

Recognizes categories of objects

Works with sound and vibration cues when in autonomous mode

Has built-in standard and clock position compasses

Has text and banknote recognition

Directional navigation via built-in 9-axis sensor

Indoor navigation with BLE beacons

Pairs with phone via Bluetooth 5.0

Android and iOS SDKs allow integration with 3rd party apps


Embedded Devices

ToF Laser Distance module – continuously measures the distance between the device and the objects in front of it. Camera module – used for object and color recognition. Absolute Orientation Sensor – used to provide precise orientation data. Light-To-Digital Sensor – provides information on ambient lightning. EEPROM memory – used for the Firmware of the device.

Input Devices

Two-axis Joystick – serves as a pointer for navigating through menus and options. Push button – has different function depending on the device status.

Output Devices

Stereo audio DAC with 2.5-W speaker. Headphones option. Vibration motor

Advanced Capabilities

Image Classification, color classsificaton, currency recognition – ResNet 50 – Convolutional Neural Network model for image classification. Object Detection – OpenCV/Yolo 4 – used to identify different objects in one image. Location Finder – QGIS+ triangulation algorithms. OCR – Tesseract OCR engine. Text-to-Speech reader

How We Help

The SoundVision contactless device recognizes nearby objects/obstacles in order to enhance the user’s level of orientation.

The model tackles a few more problems: deteriorated or missing color and light recognition, current address location, or directions to an address.

SoundVision was created with one goal in mind: to help visually impaired have more independent and active lifestyles.


This project has been supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Business Development, Innovation and SMEs Programme Bulgaria.

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