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Changing the World, One Socially Conscious Banking
App at a Time

Changing the World, One Socially Conscious Banking
App at a Time

Success Story

Spiral Bank, a US FinTech, needed a technology partner who would raise up to the challenge of developing a native iOS application within an aggressive deadline, guaranteeing impeccable UX and top functionalities specific to their market niche – encouraging users to donate to different charities through their personal banking app. Scalefocus developed a secure, easy-to-use solution combining financial services with opportunities to support social and environmental causes combined with an impressive array of features. We brought Spiral Bank’s idea from inception to launch and navigated their technology choices through the competitive world of FinTech.

World-class security with military-grade encryption

Scalable AWS solution to handle growth

Native iOS application built from scratch

The Client

To be a true disruptor, Spiral Bank, a US FinTech startup, decided to solve the product-market fit challenge in a way that not only meets their target users’ needs but goes a step further by making a change in society. Their core belief is that the future belongs to socially conscious brands that care about giving back as they do about generating profits. The founding goal behind the FinTech is to provide the first digital solution that seamlessly combines personal banking and charitable giving by linking givers with charity and non-profit organizations. Users can support different causes with one-time or recurring donations of as little as $5 while earning rewards and monthly cash bonuses on their deposits.

The Solution

On their journey to pioneering ethical banking, Spiral Bank needed a technology partner with deep FinTech expertise who would develop their iOS application – a new ecosystem solution for connecting givers and 1.5 million non-profit businesses. The startup partnered with Scalefocus and tasked us with developing their business idea, leading it from inception to market while navigating them in choosing the best technology stack. The final result had to be a scalable solution to handle growth and make them a frontrunner in the world of mobile banking.

Based on information from Spiral Bank’s team about the target user, we knew that our primary persona was a tech-savvy young adult with an iPhone and an income that allows them to set aside a certain amount for charity. This meant they were after a simple yet catchy design that was not overly playful in look and feel, or too basic in functionality. We based our approach on the premise that most people would like to contribute to a cause, but don’t get opportunities to do it easily, hence the need for one-click actions and architecture that would support them.

Our team built a Proof of Concept (PoC) detailing the need for the development of a native mobile application as opposed to a hybrid one to best answer the business needs. Design with a hybrid UI would ultimately mean non-essential elements, misplaced features and a less-than-intuitive UX overall. Our experts concluded it was imperative that the app was native to ensure consistency with the client’s idea for interactive elements and effortless navigation. We executed each step -architecture design, user testing, launch and post-launch, against specific deadlines and followed detailed requirements coming from the Spiral Banks’s internal UX specialists. We took into consideration Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) – Apple’s design guidelines for consumer products – and made sure every design decision coming from the company’s in-house team was in alignment with all recommendations.

Scalefocus involvement in the project was focused on:

  • Backend architecture and design, DevOps and process optimization
  • Digital and physical card options via third party integration
  • Automatic daily top-up option to refill the cards to a set level
  • Digital checking and savings accounts via third party integration
  • Meticulous transaction history and expense tracker option
  • User-friendly homepage with an infinite scroll and newsfeed-like look
  • Instant outgoing and incoming money transfer notifications
  • Follow and share options of charity organizations and NGOs’ content
  • Robust API security based on intelligent backend algorithms


Since the Covid-19 crisis practically eliminated in-person events and fundraisers, the client’s banking app had to make donating easier and safer in the context of the pandemic and beyond. The Scalefocus team developed an application combining financial services with opportunities to support social and environmental causes by tapping into users’ philanthropic side. The native iOS banking app matches users’ donations made for organizations dealing with climate restoration, cancer research, human rights, poverty relief, accessible education, gun control, cultural heritage and many different causes. There are no fees for active accounts, no minimum balance required and no hidden fees. Donations are done through a reward system characterized by full transparency: charities provide users with images and video recordings of what their funds have been used for. To make sure that Spiral Bank can take maximum advantage of their unique vision, the Scalefocus team set up continuous integration processes so their incredible growth potential can be fully realized over time.


  • Native iOS application built from scratch after developing a PoC
  • Scalable AWS solution to handle unlimited growth and changing business needs
  • World-class security with military-grade encryption
  • Seamless KYC and third-party payment provider integrations
  • Mobile check deposit, monthly bill payment, and end-of-year tax report
  • Continuous integration processes allowing easy addition of new functionalities

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