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Scalefocus Mobile Team through the Eyes of Nedjalko Milenkov

Scalefocus Mobile Team through the Eyes of Nedjalko Milenkov

Published on: 30 Mar 2023 4 min read

My name is Nedjalko Milenkov, and I currently work at Scalefocus as a technology manager. I am responsible for the company’s Mobile, PHP and Go teams. I hold a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in “Computer Systems and Technologies” in German from the Technical University in Sofia.

Tell us more about your position at Scalefocus.

I started working at Scalefocus in 2021 as a technology manager of the Mobile team. Afterwards I took over also the PHP and Go teams. Every day at work presents a new challenge, which can charge you positively when you see how things fall into place. Some of my responsibilities include strategic planning, the development of the technology teams I lead, and helping colleagues grow and improve. My priority is to take care of the team, and to ensure that all members feel good have everything they need to do their job, and that they have fun at work.

Why Scalefocus?

I chose Scalefocus for two main reasons – the company’s value system and the great team I met during the interview process. Anyone looking for a professional attitude, understanding, empathy, opportunity for development and stability should consider Scalefocus as their future option.

What do you like about your job, and what’s your favourite project you’ve worked on?

As a manager, I take care of all projects in which my team members are involved. All projects are my favourites because they are different, and everyone contributes with something. At work, I appreciate the most the mutual respect and the high professionalism  our colleagues demonstrate.

Introduce the Mobile Team.

The Mobile team at Scalefocus is one of the largest in Bulgaria. More than 50 people in 3 countries and 7 locations develop native applications for our global client network. The work is extremely interesting and requires a high level of responsibility as our partners oftentimes do not have dedicated in-house teams and rely entirely on our mobile expertise.. This enables us to provide consultancy and to build mobile architectures that end users worldwide enjoy. The mobile team often collaborates directly with other Scalefocus teams such as the backend, DevOps and QA ones.

What are the current projects you are working on?

We have the privilege of working for some of the largest companies in their sectors. Often the mobile apps we develop reach hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. The primary industries in which we are engaged are fintech, healthcare, boutique applications, IoT and e-commerce.

Your most significant accomplishments are?

We are proud of the many successfully implemented mobile projects around the world. Every year, we give junior colleagues a chance to start as iOS or Android developers. Over the years, we have provided a lot of development opportunities to different colleagues who have grown professionally and today hold senior and management positions in the company. We take pride in our company’s culture and in the fact that someone is always there to help you when you have a problem. At Scalefocus, both hard and good moments are shared.

What are the main qualities you look for in people?

Maturity, motivation and good communication skills are the main qualities I look for in anyone. Any technology is much easier to master than the qualities above; they can take years to build. In that line of thought, I’m still learning.

iOS or Android?

Over the years, I have written in C, PHP, .NET, Android, iOS and Javascript. I don’t have a preferred language. It’s just a tool to get the job done.

How do you think your field will develop in the next 5 years?

Technologies are currently developing exponentially. It is challenging to make a forecast even for 2 years ahead. Automation will continue to evolve along with hybrid technologies. Mobile browsers will get even better, and native technologies will be the precision laser for applications where stability and speed are critical.

What’s one piece of advice you wish someone had given you early in your career?

Don’t be so nervous. Things always turn out well when one tries and works hard. This is the message that I try to convey to my team.

Who is Ned outside the office?

My favourite bands/artists are Roxette, U2, AC/DC and Taylor Swift.

Renewable energy sources and the transition to them are among the topics that interest me much. They are happening slowly, and we are wasting too much time on the transition to them. Another hobby I have is “self-hosted”. I can talk a lot about it, but I will say just one thing: The cloud is something excellent, but at some point, we have to come down to earth 🙂

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