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5 Benefits of Outsourcing with a European IT Provider

5 Benefits of Outsourcing with a European IT Provider

Published on: 03 Dec 2020 5 min read

For a business to be successful and sustainable, pivotal decisions always have to be made right. In the current digital age, one of the areas that demand extra care is the IT provider a business chooses to work with. Nowadays, technology alone has the potential to bring down businesses unsuspecting.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing with a European IT Provider

Evidently, a data breach incident can ruin a company’s reputation, and customer base behold recovery. Where and whom to trust for a contract as your IT provider is important. Today, we’re going to cover why a European IT provider is advantageous for businesses. You’ll also learn what to look for in a provider before considering a partnership.

Europe, especially Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) prides itself in having the best IT talent and providers in the world. The region has attracted global tech giants such as Microsoft, and Google to set research centres and hire local talents. From low costs, innovation, and ease of cooperation, here is why you should choose a European IT provider for your business.

Why Outsource Services from a European IT Provider

#1 Skilled Labour

Whether you’re looking for cloud services, managed services or digital solutions for your business, you would want the best available professionals to handle data. CEE has a growing population of highly skilled specialists both in IT and computer science-related areas like AI and machine learning. As you would expect, these experts have been hired by the IT providers to work for them. Therefore, teams created by ITO (IT Outsourcing) firms to work for your business would be talented.

#2 Language Compatibility

Unlike Asian providers, most countries in Europe got high proficiency rate in both written and spoken English. This ensures not only effective communication but also efficient and operative partnerships. A misunderstanding from language barrier may lead to errors that can be costly while also causing delays in workflow and communication between teams. Notwithstanding, common language guarantees ease in collaboration, especially when deploying an agile development model in software development.

#3 Surging Labour Market

CEE countries are enjoying an increasing trained low-cost job market. This means the availability of a pool of talents for ITO providers to hire, consequently reducing costs. This is further confirmed by a recent study conducted by Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey. The survey found out that of all companies that outsource, 65% choose European service providers.

#4 Innovation

When dealing with IT, innovation is the key to continuity. Large labour markets and talented experts have caused the region to become highly innovative. What does this mean for your business? Well, IT providers from these regions can absorb these talents that bring their pioneering solutions to your business. Therefore, you can get specifically tailored digital solutions that perfectly blend with your business at a low cost. The other advantage is that you may find that the IT provider has worked with like businesses in your industry; hence they can easily replicate tested, tried and successful solutions that worked for others.

#5 Cost Cutting

Building an in-house IT department is expensive. The option is to outsource, the main aim being to cut costs. Without compromising the quality, Europe has low hiring cost. This same phenomenon translates into the costs of outsourcing from the region. One study found out that American businesses can save up to 40% when they choose a European IT provider.
Conclusively, Europe has one of the strictest data protection regulations. Firms are required to comply with various data protection by acquiring certifications such as GDPR. IT providers across Europe also have to follow rigid guidelines that make them have a cutting-edge advantage in cybersecurity threats.

What to Consider Before Choosing a European IT Provider

Though Europeans IT providers are great, not all can make a great IT partner for your business. You deserve a vendor who can offer seamless services. Be on the lookout for the following before you sign outsourcing contract.

  • Should be Well-Recognized

If the company is not known in the local country or region, it may be a sign of inexperience and unqualified. The provider should be fully registered by the home government and with a valid physical address as its headquarters.

  • Reputable

How do you tell the company is trustworthy? Search for customer reviews. Which businesses have they worked with, and what was the outcome? If there were complaints, what were they about? Reputation also entails who the company has worked with from your industry. For example, healthcare IT-related provider will best suit for your healthcare business.

  • Licensed and Certified

It is risky to work with an unlicensed firm. An authentic ITO service provider should possess a valid and up-to-date licence issued by the right licensing body. Certifications are another thing that can help differentiate who’s qualified for the job. Be sure they have fully complied with the various requirements and regulations before outsourcing from them.

  • Collaboration

Exceptional outsourcing is built on effective collaboration between the vendor and clients. The company should be able to have solutions to flawlessly collaborate with your team on-site for coordination and cooperation services. Besides, they should have physical offices where your team can visit if need be.

  • Pricing

What price structure or model does the provider have? Look for easy yet comprehensive pricing models that cover the services you need clearly. Also, consider value for money of the services you’re getting in return. Make sure you know all the expenses the client’s business might be required to pay for in the future.

  • Remote Workforce and Innovation

With the growing need for trained, skilled and proficient remote employees, it’s essential to take note of the firm’s strategies and solutions. For instance, productive IT outsourcing firms have already put in place innovative solutions to enable their teams to work from home competently.

The bottom line to finding the best IT provider in Europe is by having a clear purpose of what you want and leaving no stone unturned in any area you need clarifications from the provider. From the onset, nothing should be suspicious with the provider.

Looking for a European IT Provider?

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