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5 Skills to Consider When Choosing Your Outsourced IT Company

5 Skills to Consider When Choosing Your Outsourced IT Company

Published on: 15 Feb 2022 5 min read

IT outsourcing is the practice of having external service providers handle your business operations related to information technologies such as software development, mobile app development and more.

5 Skills to Consider When Choosing Your Outsourced IT Company

What is IT outsourcing?

In the ever-growing world of business, those who don’t innovate are likely to drop out from the fierce competition and battle for market dominance. Then, how can you compete against thousands of other companies with various sizes? One of the best ways is to look for an IT outsourcing software provider.

What you can expect from such a partner is a constant care for your business needs. You could assign virtually every IT-related responsibility to a third-party vendor. As a result, your in-house teams would be stripped from a number of daily or mundane tasks.

Sectors like software and hardware maintenance, hosting, cybersecurity and many more could be completely outsourced. Regardless of the service you want to outsource, the benefits of doing this are multiple.

Once you transfer certain business operations to a nearshore or offshore development center, you will free up time to focus on your core business. A dedicated team of experts located anywhere you choose will be making sure every aspect of it is running smoothly.

What does ‘outsourced IT company’ mean?

An outsourced IT company is an external service provider which acts as a third-party vendor to your business.

This is essentially an IT company that will handle any IT-centered operation you decide to assign to it. Whether it will be located onshore, within your country, or offshore, overseas, you need to make sure this development center will be the right one for your business.

Ideally, an outsourced IT company will constantly add value to your business. On this note, a thorough and in-depth look at certain locations might help you get a clear view of potential outsourcing partners. To help you navigate through a sea of possible selections, consider these factors:

Define a complete score of work

No matter the service you decide to outsource, make sure you have a precise idea of the scope of work. For example, write a clear document that will highlight key operations you’d like to have transferred to a potential outsourcing partner.

Set a well-defined budget

Decide how much you’re willing to spend on having your operations outsourced. On the other end, keep in mind that location matters. More precisely, if you go for an onshore partner, it would cost considerably more than if you turn to an offshore center.

Market reputation

While scope of work and cost optimization are important, it’s equally important to know who you are dealing with. To this end, make sure your outsourcing partner has a good reputation in the global market.

Once you have these factors taken into consideration, it’s time to closely examine your potential outsourcing partner.


Five skills to look for in an outsourced IT company

The five skills to look for in an outsourced IT company are: tech expertise, reliable customer service, software development talent, cloud computing & mobile application development.

A company’s skillset is among the highest priorities when selecting your outsourced partner. While it may seem daunting to evaluate a company in this regard, there are five top skills you should look out for.

1. Technology expertise

It goes without question that the outsourced IT company needs to have a stellar reputation in handling technological tasks. On this front, you have to make sure you will select a high-quality, solution-focused company that you can rely on at all times.

You can factor in different time zones as they allow you to have around-the-clock support, particularly if your partner is located in Europe. That way, a dedicated tech team will be constantly monitoring your system, ensuring everything is operating normally.

2. Reliable customer service

From chatting with an online agent, to handling tickets from website contact forms, an outsourced IT company must be able to deal with a stream of client requests.

A reliable customer service will undoubtedly result in an efficient workflow. In turn, this will alleviate a significant burden from your shoulders.

You will be able to focus on your core responsibilities while your outsourcing partner is making sure client requests will be attended in a timely manner.

3. Software development talent

IT and software development are hot commodities in 2022. In this light, a well-equipped and fully-prepared team of experts could add tremendous value to your project.

Digital transformation is only possible with the help of IT specialists ready to digest any task you might throw at them. Therefore, outsourced engineers, computer programmers, web technicians, and network operators will be a prime key to your company’s success.

4. Cloud computing

Businesses are increasingly moving to a cloud-based environment. As a matter of fact, the lack of resources is among the biggest challenges for companies looking to move into the “cloud.”

Cloud computing is a major driver for business growth and continued development. On that note, it’s important to find a development center that will meet your demand for high-quality resources.

5. Mobile application development

A growing number of businesses outsource their mobile application development. By doing this, they expect to lower the cost for development while they stay focused on core activities.

This said, be sure to research into the competencies of your potential outsourced IT partner and see if they have developed mobile applications in the past.


Outsourcing anything to an IT company will enable you to bring in more profits while keeping operating expenses down.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Top five skills for an outsourced IT company span across the entire software development lifecycle
  • They include tech expertise, reliable customer service, software dev talent, cloud computing & mobile app dev