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Accelerating Startups the Scalefocus Way

Accelerating Startups the Scalefocus Way

Published on: 14 Apr 2021 6 min read

One of the most common challenges startups have to solve is the product-market fit. In the early stages, every founder is exploring the demand for their product and wondering whether there will be paying customers. Another important question to ask is what resources are needed and whether they will be effective. The truth is that the answers do not come instantly, and the product-market fit does not happen by accident. In order to be successful, startups need to employ a process-driven mindset, and acknowledge that there will be product tweaks and maybe a pivotal re-planning of target markets, as well as new sales and marketing tactics and other adjustments. More than ever before, startups need the expertise, guidance and support of a trusted technology partner.

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At Scalefocus, high-quality execution is in our DNA. Our nine years of experience delivering software solutions and services has resulted in many success stories for companies of all sizes and industries. When it comes specifically to innovation-driven startups, Scalefocus prides itself in offering consultation services from the early stage, preventing businesses from failing with a product lacking demand, by setting aggressive MVPs, or by designing overly complex architecture.

In this blog post, we’ll shine the light on successful startups we have consulted, and the projects we have completed to help them grow competitively in their respective industries. Keep reading, to see if the benefits of partnering with us match your future goals and if they do, don’t hesitate to reach out to form an action plan together!

Consultation and Creation of a Mobile Healthcare App

The German-based startup Myo wanted to bridge the communication gap between seniors and their caregivers through a user-friendly Android app. Through it, seniors can describe their own experiences so their relatives are informed about the caregiving process, while the caregivers themselves are given much-deserved appreciation.

Scalefocus was responsible for the entire development of the mobile app, focusing on creating transparency and engagement between seniors, their caregivers and relatives, ultimately strengthening their bond. Felix Cuna, Co-Founder of Myo, describes the role of Scalefocus from the initial business analysis to the actual development:

“We wanted a sophisticated business analysis, so we could better understand what we were facing. All we had was an idea, so we wanted to find a consulting partner to bring it to life and assist us in implementing the technical part of our solution. Later, we asked them to develop a dedicated mobile app as well.”

After the delivery of the app from our side, Myo was able to raise 1.5M seed round.


Developing an All in One Language Services Platform

What if businesses could transcend borders and expand their international reach by relying on a single platform to manage translation, transcription and interpreting? Scalefocus managed to develop a multi-device language platform that does just that for a British startup enabling it to realize its potential and surpass the initial business goals.

Today, the platform has over 60,000 active users around the globe and receives around 1240 appointments each day, supporting 250 languages. The platform allows for the translation of roughly 9740 words every minute.

Building an Asset Verification Platform

aXedras, a precious metals company headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, chose Scalefocus as its strategic partner to help solve a major challenge they were facing: the need to digitalize and connect assets on a global level. Digitalizing important compliance processes and managing documentation easily and with transparency were also critical goals that needed to be met. Scalefocus developed a verification platform in which each member joining that platform has access to verified assets and can follow their entire life cycle.

Here’s what Urs Röösli, CEO of aXedras had to say about partnering with Scalefocus:

“What we value most about our partnership with Scalefocus is their wide pool of expertise in terms of tech people, their experience of running global projects, the fast reaction and the open communication attitude to not only deliver a solution but take ownership of developing it with us.”

Check out the conversation with Urs to learn more about the work Scalefocus and aXedras are doing together.

Developing an Engaging Mortgage CRM App

A mortgage startup was looking for a partner to help develop an app that would take the hassle out of creating powerful CRM and automated marketing materials and campaigns. They needed a system that would allow top producers to close large amounts of loans, receive referrals and make profits quickly and easily.

Scalefocus built a CRM mobile app to give users complete ease of access to complete and update mortgages on the go, avoid missing important tasks with notifications, and use in-app texting to always stay in contact with borrowers and partners.

A Mobile Solution that Disrupts the Fintech Industry

Rubarb, a German fintech startup, was looking for a way to disrupt the fintech industry with a next-gen financial service mobile application that would take the stress out of finance and investments. They chose Scalefocus as a technology partner that would design and develop a feature-rich app with engaging and intuitive UX, combined with easy onboarding and robust data protection.  Scalefocus delivered an app that rounds up what users pay online, with the digital “change” going directly into their savings account. Additionally, a user can choose a specific savings plan or select one-time pay-ins. Users can choose from three investment strategies depending on their risk appetite, with all investments made in ETFs.

As a result of our efforts, the company reduced software development costs and reported a 29% retention rate. Check out the case study for more details.

Creating a Fintech From Scratch

From the ground up, Scalefocus helped create a brand-new digital insurer. Starting from establishing the idea’s x-factor and how it stands out from the competition, to defining the startup’s goals and creating a proof of concept. Then, forming a budget plan to achieve revenue targets and reviewing regulations.

Scalefocus was tasked with creating an end-to-end platform including implementation of one of the leading insurance Core systems, customer portals, multiple integrations with third-party systems and continuous support. We were also responsible for creating a scaling strategy that would enable the startup to maintain a strong customer base and grow steadily in the long run. Prior to the launch, the software and entire process were tested, helping get valuable feedback on fixes and improvements before reaching the end customers.

Accelerate Your Startup with Scalefocus

Have these success stories motivated you to take your business to the next level? We’d love to have a chat, to discuss your ideas and how to bring them to life without stress and the waste of valuable resources. Are you already in the development phase, but are stuck and need guidance?

Reach out for a free consultation and our experts will gladly assist you in solving the challenges ahead or entirely take over. We’ve got your back throughout the entire journey.