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AI, Interoperability, and Moving HealthTech to the Cloud at HIMSS 2023

AI, Interoperability, and Moving HealthTech to the Cloud at HIMSS 2023

Published on: 26 May 2023 2 min read

The first HIMSS of the year is now history, and Scalefocus is happy to have been part of it! As always, being back in Chicago, catching up with HealthCare pros, and sharing our experience with vendors and attendees has been fantastic. 

At such an innovation-driven event, it comes as no surprise that Cloud and AI dominated most discussions we took part in, you can find the top 3 hot topics below. 

1. Cloud

It is not even a question of whether one moves to the Cloud – that scenario now seems inevitable. It is really about the logistics and the mechanics of doing that – looking at cost, security, and long-term impact. Historically, healthcare providers have been reluctant to let go of their data, as they would rather keep it on-prem. Still, COVID had a significant impact and increased the need for accessibility and flexibility. But fundamentally, the scale and complexity of broader healthcare integration and interoperability mean that you need centralization and consolidation over time – and most of this is only achievable with Cloud.

2. Generative AI

It is seen as a long-term game changer, but the bottom line is that there is a long way to go in understanding how that plays out and the use cases and benefits behind that. There are multiple regulatory, ethical, and legal concerns to work through, so most AI providers are moving slowly and in a very considerate way. However, it will likely be transformative down the line around structured reporting, which may be the tech to move structure reporting from templating to a more malleable use and useful output.

3. Interoperability

Interoperability is still a challenge now that COVID has faded away a bit. Refocusing on mid-term strategy around bringing all disparate types of data from different sources across healthcare departments into one consolidated platform is expected to be a growing trend in the next couple of years.

Our HealthTech experts would be happy to continue the conversation about Healthcare trends, discuss your own projects, and see how our experience can help you: Scalefocus I HealthTech and Life Sciences 

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