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Open-Source Development and Its Role in Custom Software

Open-Source Development and Its Role in Custom Software

Published on: 28 Apr 2022 5 min read

It’s becoming a popular trend among software development companies to offer custom open-source development, user interface & experience (UI/UX) and much more. To this end, open-source development services could span across a wide array of products.

Open-Source Development and Its Role in Custom Software

These include software development, app development, integration & web portals, migrations & updates, E-commerce solutions, CMS, CRM, and ERP software solutions.

In addition, open-source could play an integral role in the entire software development life cycle.

For us, as a software company, we’re always mindful of the technology landscape and our clients’ tech stack so we could be in a position to respond adequately to their needs with a custom-made software solution, be it closed source or open source.

Still, open-source software has been a stepping stone for an increasing number of companies to offer unique and continuously improving products. Some well-known examples are programming languages like Python, Java, HTML, and PHP, among others.

So, what exactly is open source, why would you choose it, and how can your company benefit from it?

Open source and custom software development

In simple terminology, open source is any program that has its source code made available to the public. In more detail, open source could include frameworks, languages, databases, and standards, all visible to anyone. An important feature of the open-source licensing is the ability to use or modify the source code and everything publicly accessible.

This way, open-source software is developed in a decentralized and collaborative way as the community involved relies on peer reviews and joint effort in a transparent environment.

With this in mind, open-source software could be taken one step further by custom enterprise software development. Businesses that need to maintain a competitive edge must be sure to keep up with accelerating technologies and software solutions.

This is where a custom software development provider comes into play.

How you can use open-source to your advantage?

A custom software development company will create, design, and maintain open-source software to meet your business needs. If you need to leverage open-source development tools, it is advisable you look to a custom software developer that would have all resources ready. Regardless of your business needs, an experienced open-source developer should be able to tackle any challenge you may throw and fully develop the product throughout the entire life cycle.

Open-source software development, integrations & web portals, app development, migrations & updates, 3-commerce solutions, CMS, CRM, ERP software solutions

Some of the open-source projects you may want to outsource to a third-party vendor are as follows:

Open-source software development

An all-encompassing service, the open-source software development covers creating and designing a reliable, robust, and scalable software. It could be anything from an end-to-end platform, to a website, to a mobile app, and much more.

Open-source integration & web portals

Open-source integrations could connect two different software programs, or an application with a cloud-based platform. In addition, this service could be used to build enterprise-level web portals to streamline business processes.

Open-source app development

Application development is a popular service among outsourced software companies. Custom web & mobile app development in an open-source environment could give your business the ability to scale with ease.

Open-source migrations & upgrades

Outsourced developers could provide a needed migration or an upgrade of your software products. This could include IT maintenance (debugging and automated tests), data migrations, and system upgrades to ensure all processes operate smoothly.

Open-source e-commerce solutions

If you’re running an e-commerce business, it is vital to be using latest software versions and to have control over your online presence. An open-source e-commerce solution could give you flexibility and scalability to provide an excellent customer experience.

Open-source CMS software solutions

CMS software solutions that run on an open-source software require monitoring and continuous development. An outsourced development team could make sure any open-source CMS software you use, be it WordPress or other, is fully operational and optimized.

Open-source CRM software solutions

Open-source customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are designed to simplify your management life cycle and accelerate collaboration and deal making.

Open-source ERP software solutions

Leading technology like open-source ERP software solutions makes it possible for your business to automate fundamental processes and give you insights into key data that may propel your services to a higher level.

Why choose open-source software?

Open-source software allows the user to evaluate how the code is performing and whether it is up to their standards or preferences. If not, they are able to change, or request a change, of any part that is not operating as they need.

Furthermore, programmers publicly distribute the source code and it becomes available for open-source software upon which a business can build applications.

To this end, open-source software is also considered safer than closed source software. The reason being that open-source code can be viewed by anyone and therefore if there is an error or an omission, someone will flag it and it will easily get corrected.

What are the benefits of open-source software development?

Benefits of Open-Source Software Development

Seamless Compatibility

Оpen-source software is designed to work seamlessly because of its compatibility across platforms and frameworks. Any issues with the underlying technology could easily be fixed which would ensure ease of integration, testing, and maintenance.


Оpen-source solutions usually come with a large database and are supported by thorough documentation to aid developers working with the software.

Flexibility and Agility

Оpen-source technology allows for customizations and scalability. These features offer a unique touch to the needs and requirements of your business.


A diverse set of developers looking at the code ensures potential problems are quickly identified and fixed as soon as possible.


Using open-source software can give you a competitive edge and leverage that will significantly improve your products. At Scalefocus, our objective is to deliver the best possible service to our clients. Our experienced software developers will carefully analyze your business needs and suggest the most appropriate software solution.

To work together, simply use the contact form and submit your request, we will be happy to get in touch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Open-source technology brings transparency and enhances the entire development life cycle
  • Open-source software allows you to customize your product so it could fit your business needs
  • With the help of a software development company, your business could experience the benefits of open source