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Scalefocus’ Full Implementation Capabilities in Native App Development

Scalefocus’ Full Implementation Capabilities in Native App Development

Published on: 17 Oct 2023 5 min read

Scalefocus’ Native App Development Capabilities

Native applications boast numerous advantages that convince most businesses to select this type of mobile application development. Indeed, enhanced performance, seamless User Experience, and unlimited access to device features and offline functionalities are among the benefits that make it hard to look past native mobile apps.

Scalefocus’ Full Implementation Capabilities in Native App Development

As a software provider that is thoroughly committed to driving customer success by leveraging innovation, Scalefocus has vast experience in all things native, and this article will provide more insight into our proven implementation capabilities. We provide end-to-end mobile app development and support services – from business analysis of the customer’s goals and technology selection through UI and UX design to launch, support, and maintenance.

Smart applications for internal use, complete process automation, and visibility over vital KPIs significantly improve our partners’ productivity and reduce their expenses.

Our expertise in the strategic application of technology in business and comprehensive solutions, including Frontend, Backend, Big Data, and Mobile, has helped numerous enterprises develop their signature next-generation products.  

Besides building apps from scratch, Scalefocus also specializes in existing solutions modernization, starting with codebase analysis, detection of areas for improvement, and boosting security. After the new features’ integration, our teams can also be useful with high-quality support, maintenance, and consultancy services.

Read on to find out how two major companies, one of the most popular gaming and betting organizations in Europe and a multinational telco corporation, leveraged Scalefocus‘ mobile expertise with stunning results.  

Success Story 1

The Ultimate Virtual Assistant for Gaming and Sports

The Challenge

Fully transforming a legacy mobile solution for gaming and checking sports results was always going to be a race the Scalefocus team would love to enter and win convincingly. The app’s limited capabilities meant our experts needed to create native Android and iOS mobile apps that serve as a virtual personal assistant to retail users and target online players. The goal was to drive additional revenue by providing 24/7 online access, seamless user experience, personalized game alerts, and customizable digital play slips.

The Solution

Low app store ratings, regular crashes, and substandard UX were the main reasons the outdated solution desperately needed transformation. Integrating native iOS and Android apps into the company ecosystem allowed us to come up with a world-class virtual player assistant.

Multiple exit points, daily vendor alignment, and vendor management were all part of our custom development strategy, and intensive testing resulted in adequate feature modifications in accordance with user feedback. The solution’s change in fortunes virtually happened overnight, as it took mere months to increase its lifetime store rating by over 20% while drastically reducing the number of crashes.

Scalefocus’ Full Implementation Capabilities in Native App Development

The Benefits

What our customers needed was the ultimate virtual assistant, and the native Android and iOS apps we delivered checked all the boxes. 24/7 access, tailored assistance, a full-blown communication channel, and dynamic promotion of lottery content – those crucial features and  Scalefocus’ cross-industry expertise lead to an unparalleled increase in the lottery’s sales through the app. The jaw-dropping business results saw the revenue surpass € 1.5 billion, an outcome the company might have secretly hoped for but hardly saw coming.

Success Story 2

Reboot of a Self-care Mobile Application Portal

The Challenge

To transform the customers’ B2C native mobile apps, Scalefocus had to upgrade and expand the functionalities of their self-care mobile application portal without service interruption for their numerous end clients. Integration with multiple subsystems, work patterns, and rules while redesigning existing components were also part of the test our experts passed with flying colors.    

The Solution

Scalefocus’ solution was to redesign the entire native mobile app, migrate it to state-of-the-art architecture and technology, and develop new functionalities. That is why it was crucial to analyze the application’s state painstakingly and design a roadmap for migration and development. UX is smooth for both iOS and Android as the UI is scalable and adaptable to various screen sizes, and both versions apply the popular MVVM design pattern. 

The new Android features were developed on Kotlin, and the outdated Java code was also gradually migrated to Kotlin. The iOS version utilizes the most recent version of Swift (5+) and its cutting-edge features. The Scalefocus team also had to replace the payment provider not once but twice in order to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing business landscape. As a result, the app now effectively manages all customer services for individual clients, including data and minutes usage tracking, bill payments, activation of additional services, mobile plan management, etc.  

The Benefits

With the existing system totally refactored, adapted, and expanded, our customers could now leverage the new features integrated into their network. Scalefocus not only developed an infrastructure that accelerated production but established development procedures and best practices to drastically improve the whole development process quality. The new self-care portal now enables our clients to provide world-class customer service and functionalities.


Scalefocus’ expertise in native app development, app modernization, consultancy, and UX design has turned the company into a true leader in innovation.

With end-to-end iOS/Android native app development, support, and maintenance services of the highest quality, it is no wonder that our collaborations have been a resounding success.

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