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Scalefocus Has Opened a Second Office in North Macedonia

Scalefocus Has Opened a Second Office in North Macedonia

Published on: 22 Sep 2021

After Skopje, Scalefocus has added one more office location in North Macedonia – Bitola, where young developers will create innovative solutions for global companies. The decision to open a new office in Bitola has come organically, following interest by local teams as part of the “Work from everywhere” model adopted by the company last year.

The company started its investment in North Macedonia in 2019 with ambitious plans for growth. Thanks to the talented local leadership, it has quickly scaled its operations in the country.

The opening of this new office has been motivated by Scalefocus’ desire to support the development of the regional IT ecosystem and to further unlock its potential. Through it Scalefocus aims to keep young IT experts in the country, to give them the opportunity to grow and develop key technology skills, while working on projects for leading companies around the world.

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