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Scalefocus Implements a Work from Everywhere (WFE) Model

Scalefocus Implements a Work from Everywhere (WFE) Model

Published on: 25 Sep 2020 2 min read

We are introducing a new model of work, presenting an updated employee benefits package, and launching several initiatives.

A few months after our CEO announced the decision to switch from a service-oriented company to one which offers repeatable software solutions, we would like to announce a few other new things as well.

Earlier in September, we introduced the popular Work from Everywhere (WFE) model. Work from Everywhere will be a hybrid model of working from home or another location or the office, providing a good work-life balance and better overall productivity for employees. Physical offices will continue to be the cornerstone of our identity and operation, yet they will function more as hubs for collaboration, communication, and time spent with the team.

The second novelty is the updated package of employee benefits. We found that new reality requires us to adapt quickly and offer what the team really needs. That is why we have included additional days off, based on years of experience in the company, as well as health initiatives, which are especially important during a pandemic. The development of the benefits package will continue in 2021. We plan to move entirely to the so-called Flex Benefits model (personalized benefits). Each employee will be free to choose what to benefit from, according to the individual needs and the stage of his/her career at the moment. This model is characterized by its exceptional flexibility, as well as an emphasis on each individual in the company. Currently, there is no other Bulgarian company that has introduced Flex Benefits.

“The Spirit of Scale” is an employee-to-employee driven initiative that aims to unite people in the company by interests and empower the creation of internal communities.

One of the key elements of this program is the active participation of people through the involvement of ambassadors – they set the direction, ideas for initiatives, and actively participate in the implementation. “The Spirit of Scale” is divided into four main areas – “We Share”, “We Care”, “We Thrive”, “We Play”. The initiative is already experiencing great interest and over 250 employees have joined one of the four streams. The diverse initiatives in the four streams include donations for high school students, campaigns with UNICEF, and participation in the Race for the Cure competition, the largest sporting event in Europe that aims to publicize women’s health and breast cancer. More events are coming up.

The renewed onboarding program aims to make the first six months of new employees an adventure that clearly outlines the framework for their career development, expectations, current, and future challenges, growth program, and to ensure their good integration within the team. Since each profession has its own specifics, the program is tailored to the different roles and levels in the company. The technology-oriented colleagues go through a specially prepared onboarding, tailored to their project and team orientation.

The next stage for employees could be our new “LEAD” program, which starts in September. It aims to provide professional and practical training for future leaders in the company. The program reflects the new reality through a combination of short video sessions and mentoring. The interactive content that everyone goes through at their own pace shows the latest trends in leadership, followed by our reading through the culture of the organization by our board and senior management. All this comes to life through mentoring, where real situations are shared and discussed. Currently, over 35 people are going through the modules of the academy, and this is only the first group.

We are actively working on improving the already started initiatives and on the launch of new ones in 2021. We opened a new office in the sea capital Varna and in recent months we have started the process of recruiting new employees, with regards to the growing portfolio of clients and new deals.

In recent months, Scalefocus received SAP Gold Partner status and was among the winners in the Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA list.

We continue to develop a stable portfolio of long-term and new customers, the division for repeatable software solutions is also gaining momentum and this affects the stable interest in our open positions.

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