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Scalefocus Launches Application Continuity Center for Faster and Secure Service

Scalefocus Launches Application Continuity Center for Faster and Secure Service

Published on: 12 Oct 2020 4 min read

In these dynamic times, businesses have acknowledged that adaptability is the new competitive advantage. Data centres are moving off-premise; application architectures are shifting to a cloud-native approach, and our workplace is now anywhere with a stable Internet connection. These changes are calling for a smart course of action that will ensure a smooth, secure and cost-effective delivery of applications and protection of software enterprise systems.

We are proud to announce that Scalefocus has now officially launched its Application Continuity Center which is able to decrease support and maintenance costs by 50% while significantly improving the performance of internal systems.

What is Application Continuity?

Companies are investing a lot of money and time to establish complex enterprise systems and applications, yet often disregard what happens after launching them. How will their operation be supported, maintained, what efforts will go towards patch updates, fixing critical errors, improving the UX? These are all questions whose answers will all impact the TCO, potential risks, and software agility.

Application Continuity helps maintain business operations 24/7 and keep an organization focused on adjusting all elements to reflect its current business needs. The ACC allows for continuous application support for resolution of all potential bugs at a low cost and helps address any software support situation with a fast response rate.

We claim full ownership of the software we develop and take responsibility for maintaining and supporting it, which allows us to form long-term and stable partnerships, and achieve high client satisfaction.

Our Swarm Team

The ACC at Scalefocus is led by a Swarm Team which consists of application support specialists, QE, DevOps, infrastructure and security professionals. Their job is to collaboratively maintain the state of the application, identifying and resolving bugs effectively. The Swarm Master is dedicated to managing and resolving the client’s issues at hand, escalating the issue to developers when necessary, and checking SLA compliance throughout the entire process.

Software Auditing and Application Upgrades

Our ACC is able to perform initial auditing of your applications and entire enterprise system to take your business to the next level. A detailed assessment will give you the chance to realize opportunities for enhancements or focus on areas that need improvement. Additionally, we will provide continuous monitoring of performance and support, while ensuring all applications are regularly upgraded.

Trust Us to Take Over

We get it. Sometimes things don’t work out as intended and businesses need to think fast how to turn in a new direction. Our ACC performs third-party application takeovers, shifting the gears to meet your direct objectives. Is your software not aligned with its purpose, outdated, pushed aside and unfinished? Has the developer you contracted given up on your idea?

If you find yourself in the above situations, reach out to us and we’ll discuss the takeover process in detail. Here is a brief overview.

  • Handover: The client’s team transfers their knowledge to the ACC. Our ACC performs a complete architecture and code audit as well as a review of all documentation. Functional and performance testing follows.
  • Resolve: The ACC performs various remedy activities including bug fixes, performance tuning, revision and updates in documentation.
  • Support: Clients take advantage from an online helpdesk and support services around the clock. The ACC performs scheduled and on-demand updates, backup and recovery tasks. Meanwhile, our Swarm Team handles all issue tracking and rectification.

Reasons to Count on Us

Our customer-centric approach remains the cornerstone of our success as a company, and our delivery of the Application Continuity Center is no exception. By choosing Scalefocus as your strategic partner, you’ll be able to meet your business goals with full transparency and efficiency. Check out the companies that trust us and read their stories.

Here are some additional reasons to consider implementing our ACC solution:

  • Focus on what’s important. We’ll do the rest. Cut costs, reduce incident and support resolution time by 50% with our Swarm Team so your attention stays on innovation and growth.
  • Engaged and proactive IT maintenance using the latest technologies.
  • Simple integration using JIRA allowing for fast ticket response and resolution.
  • 24x7x365 availability to support and answer any questions you may have.




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