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Scalefocus Partnered with the First Share-a-Bike Service in Bulgaria

Scalefocus Partnered with the First Share-a-Bike Service in Bulgaria

Published on: 28 Oct 2020 2 min read

Throughout the summer, a community-driven service in Sofia ran impeccably with software support from Scalefocus – easing the traffic, tackling pollution, and just being a cool addition to our capital’s everyday life. Scalefocus’ software engineers helped to create the application that boosted the use of Nula.Bike – the first service for used bikes available for usage throughout the city. Nula.Bike is currently expanding and will have much more to show its users in the upcoming year. Read below.

Go Green or Go Home

Scalefocus once again upped its green credential in the most innovative way. Nula.Bike is a close to zero waste initiative that involves picking bikes from secondhand shops, refurbishing them, and putting them out there for anyone that enjoys an active lifestyle with zero carbon footprint.

Ride With the Experts

Scalefocus PHP experts built on an open-source platform through reliable technologies and managed to accomplish in just 3 weeks the expansion of the platform for the service. That included:

  • Booking and tracking
  • Payment provider integration
  • Personal wallet and vouchers
  • Photo verification, through the camera
  • QR reader and many more features

Thanks to the dedication and quick work of our specialists, the service was made accessible in a short time and is now available as a responsive web application.

After the astonishingly successful launch and popularity of Nula.Bike, it goes without saying its usage will continue and develop well into 2021.

Astonishing Results

The usage of the app is simple: the user needs to register, then put money in the wallet so that a bike can be rented. Then, simply look at the map, locate a bike conveniently located, and receive a code that unlocks the bike. Afterwards the user is ready to pick the bike, ride it and leave it on the designated stands. This green initiative received an overwhelming response from around.

There were 1500 registered users only within 3-4 days of the launch, with 70% of them submitting card details and top-up a voucher.

As green initiatives go, Scalefocus is proud to be involved in something so meaningful. The initiative will inevitably continue into next spring when the service will be enriched with a mobile app and more bikes to jump on.


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