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Scalefocus Partners with Fadata to Deliver Industry-Leading Offerings for the Insurance Business

Scalefocus Partners with Fadata to Deliver Industry-Leading Offerings for the Insurance Business

Published on: 19 Dec 2019 3 min read

We are thrilled to announce that Scalefocus has formed another strategic partnership with an industry-leading company. We join forces with Fadata, one of the major providers of advanced insurance software. Together we will deliver end-to-end insurance offerings that combine the full spectrum needed for the modern digital transformation in the segment.

As a result, the clients have even greater possibilities to utilize Fadata’s INSIS, the most advanced insurance process platform, through our extensive experience in creating flawless custom-made solutions.

“Fadata is one of the most innovative companies in developing insurance software. At the same time, Scalefocus is the leading value-added IT service firm in Southeast Europe with a strong focus on innovation and excellence in service delivery. This makes both companies a perfect match. We are excited to leverage the vast experience and the impressive insurance solutions that Fadata offers to bring increased, tangible results to customers from the industry”.

Nikolay Shekerov | Director InsurTech | Scalefocus

Scalefocus was selected as a preferred partner based on our solid technical expertise, the value-added industry knowledge, and our outstanding professional reputation. For us, partnering the cutting-edge Fadata solutions with our more than 1000 software engineers is yet another opportunity to keep up with our constant goal to offer the best and most innovative services and consultancy to our clients.

Insurance Industry Defying Partnership

This is another logical step for us on the road to our goal to be the most innovative software company from Eastern Europe.

We have developed our expertise in the insurance industry by working with several of the leading companies in the segment. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of core and critical systems from the insurance domain and the integration of insurance products, implementing new distribution channels and web services, including Fadata’s INSIS. With this next-level strategic partnership, Scalefocus and Fadata will be able to provide highly customized and innovative insurance solutions across the business. Solutions, that will help our clients stay in front of the competition with cutting-edge services in one of the fastest-changing industries out there – insurance.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Scalefocus – a top-quality custom technology solutions provider. This is a combination of technical brilliance and delivery expertise that will result in a flawless end-to-end customer transformation.”

Radi Palazov | Chief Delivery Officer | Fadata

According to a report from PWC on Insurance Trends 2019, more than 90% of insurance CEOs highlight the importance of data in understanding customer preferences. One of the conclusions in the report is that the digital transformation is revealing new opportunities for insurance companies to develop deeper customer relationships and insights. The business must seek innovations. Our partnership with Fadata allows the insurance companies to find these innovations and to leverage them to build a model of holistic, scalable and secure customers’ journeys.

End-to-End Offerings for the Insurance Industry

Scalefocus is entering the partnership as an experienced project implementation partner and a complementary solution developer. What does this mean? Scalefocus’ insurance experts will implement the INSIS platform. They will configure it and build upon it with custom solutions, including mobile applications, integration with legacy systems, additional modules, and functionalities, just to name a few.

As a service and complementary solutions provider, Scalefocus offers full lifecycle delivery to ensure a successful and safe customer journey.

About Fadata

Fadata Group is a leading provider of software solutions for insurance companies worldwide. Recognized as an advanced solution provider by analysts at Gartner and Celent, Fadata has clients in over 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.


INSIS is an insurance process platform, crated by Fadata. INSIS helps the insurance companies to release products faster, to drive engagement with their customers and partners, make processes faster and more efficient, and strengthen operational control and compliance. It’s a highly flexible platform.

About Scalefocus

Scalefocus is a global IT solutions delivery center. Enabling our global customer base through technology excellence, R&D and innovation, we are focusing on advanced engineering services and bespoke consultancy in the domains of Digital, Data, and Cloud. Through team care and customer success obsession, we are engaged in fulfilling partnership journeys of open communication, respect, trust and drive for tangible business outcomes.


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