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Teams of Scale: Front-end

Teams of Scale: Front-end

Published on: 27 Feb 2023 7 min read

The Scalefocus Front-end team works across all 7 locations of the company, yet their sense of belonging is intact. They describe themselves as ‘happy’ people and if you talk to any one of them, you’ll find out why. For these tech ninjas, loving your job is not a luxury; it’s a fact.

Learn more about who they are and what their day looks like, including what technologies they use, what’s their favorite way to relax and how they manage to stay connected in times of remote work.

Introduce us to your team – how many specialists are there and what do you do?

We have over 70 specialists in our team, each of them with extensive knowledge in the vast field of JavaScript in addition to solid know-how in different business verticals. Our department mainly deals with the client side of the technology—we build browser apps, desktop apps on Electron or NWjs, as well as mobile apps with Cordova, Ionic and React Native. The main tools we use, and constantly perfect our expertise in, are React and Angular.

What technologies do you use?

We carefully select the technologies we are going to use for each project and try make the most optimal choice for our customers’ needs. We rely on tried and tested technologies. A case in point: we most frequently utilize JavaScript technology frameworks and libraries, such as Angular, Vue and React.

What projects are you working on?

Our projects are quite diverse in terms of the business solutions we create. We have projects in areas such as e-Commerce, Healthcare, Energy, Transportation and Cyber Security. Each of them poses a fundamentally different challenge. In most cases, the tools we use are similar, but the challenge itself lies in the technology solutions we have to provide.

How do you work and how often do you go to the office?

Currently, our model is flexible. We all have the option to work remotely, but often many of us prefer to go to the office and interact with different teams live. We also organize formal and informal gatherings where we share experiences or just chat. I would say a large part of the team can be spotted in the office at least once a week.

How does a typical workday look like for people in your team?

Everyone’s day is different, mainly due to the dynamic nature of the work we do and the fact that we often do it remotely, but if I had to give a loose description:

  • Daily meetings with the team
  • Working on relevant projects
  • Lunch followed by a foosball table game or darts
  • Working with the team again
  • Getting together for a drink


What other teams and departments do you collaborate with most frequently?

Since Front-end is focused on the client side of software development, we often work with colleagues from other technology departments, such as Java, QE, .NET. We also work closely with the people who organize internal trainings at Scalefocus. On a side note, our company provides a variety of external and internal trainings. I like the ones led by our tech experts the most because they share their unique experience on very interesting projects.

Tell us about something your team is proud of.

We are really proud of our team spirit—we welcome new ideas and challenges enthusiastically. We have built an environment where everyone takes part in defining and validating common values, goals, ethics, and we made this an ongoing process. It is with great satisfaction that we see newcomers embrace and cherish this model.

What do you like doing together outside of work?

Outside of working hours, we see each other on various occasions: we go to the mountains, ride bikes, play board games, participate in Front-end events, get together for birthdays and name days; we even go to the seaside together. Last but not least, we enjoy nightlife. 😊

What brings your team closer together?

What brings us closer together is the collective effort of solving everyday problems, as well as events in and outside of the office, having lunch. Everything we do collectively helps us be more productive and efficient as a team. The key word is ‘together’.

How do new people fit into your team?

The team is complex, our colleagues have very different personalities and interests. That is exactly why I think everyone finds their environment in it and even the right environment to find more about themselves through the team. 😊

How would you answer the question, “If you are…….…, come join our team”?

If you have a passion for technology; if you are someone who likes to solve complex problems; if you like sharing and gaining experience from others; if you have strong determination—then you should be part of our team!


The great pleasure of working with people

Ivan is a Technology Team Lead with a mission to inspire. Not only because he is dedicated to his work and to his team, but because his personal story often serves as an example to others. In the course of nearly nine years, he developed an accounting and independent financial audit business, but took a leap of faith and made a career turn towards Front-end. He believes that when someone around the age of 30 decides to get different qualifications, this person needs a very specific type of help, including emotional support. In addition to leading a team, Ivan also mentors young minds at Scalefocus Academy and is passionate about working with people.

The advice he would give to those wanting to make a career switch? “If there’s something you think will make you happy, go after it. Immediately.” According to him, even when a person doesn’t go in the right direction at first, the path will reveal itself if they put in enough effort and perseverance. Ivan doesn’t seem to like staying in one place. He used to surf and ride a motorcycle, but snowboarding has always been his biggest love. Even though he’s from Varna, he spends every spare minute in the mountains.


Deconstructing a stereotype

What do you know about pole dancing? Kamena, who has been practicing it for nearly 5 years, is used to people associating it with a seductive dance. However, such a parallel is far from the truth. When she discovered pole dancing, she was searching for a new sport and this is exactly what pole dancing is — a sport, and a very demanding one at that. It took her some time and a lot of effort to make progress, but she didn’t give up and after about a year she gained confidence. What she likes most about pole dancing is that it helped her build her physical strength and she can now turn upside down with no fear. Although she has tried various physical activities, pole dancing was the first sport she consciously chose and has now been practicing long-term.

At the moment, she is also dipping her toes in yoga and spinning because she never stops looking for new ways to enjoy movement. Kamena says the most valuable skill she mastered at Scalefocus is communicating with clients, earning their trust, and then justifying it with her professionalism.

Nature as a source of strength

As a teenager, Vasil dreamed of one day working from Koprivshtitsa where he spent a lot of his childhood. Back then he didn’t know exactly what he would end up doing and that the Work from Everywhere model would be possible. Years later, he is now a part of the Scalefocus team, and his dream is a reality. Today, Vasko spends his summers in Koprivshtitsa and after the working day is over, he indulges in his great passion—downhill biking. What he loves about it is that it combines three of his favorite things: nature, friends, and sports. During the winter, he enjoys snowboarding for the exact same reasons.

He got a degree in Multimedia Design and Communications in Denmark but returned to Bulgaria to be close to his family and friends. He believes that IT professionals can be successful anywhere. What Vasko likes most about his job at Scalefocus is that he works on international projects and that his colleagues are great team players.


Finally, how would you describe your team?

If I had to use only one word to describe our team, it would be ‘happy’ because it’s full of people who love their work and appreciate life.

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