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Use Cases of Conga in 2022

Use Cases of Conga in 2022

Published on: 30 Jun 2022 5 min read

Conga CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is a multi-channel sales solution that enables businesses to precisely configure, price, and quote deals. Customers benefit from this approach because it helps them improve sales, save time, and increase revenue yield.

Use Cases of Conga in 2022

What Exactly is Conga CPQ (formerly Apttus CPQ)?

Every single quote creation takes forever. Complex pricing models across spreadsheets. Tedious approval processes. Different versions of the Product Catalog that never gets updated. These are some of the most common challenges Sales reps face and yet still need to reach their monthly quota.

Conga CPQ is designed to address enterprise customers’ most complicated use cases and scalability needs. Through guided selling, pricing assistance, and margin protection, Conga CPQ enables sales professionals to scale their actions throughout the whole sales organization.

CPQ Functionalities

Maximizing business outcomes for the middle office

As the name suggests, CPQ allows for configuration of complex products, handling of various pricing methodologies, and generation of well-organized quote documents.

Conga (formerly Apttus) CPQ comes with a robust product catalog to upgrade the standard Salesforce Product Management functionality. In Conga CPQ, users can effortlessly create standalone and bundle products. Products that require additional information like attributes and options can easily be configured by the system admin or the power user in the app console directly. And this is just a part of the Product Management module.

Product Rules and Collaboration requests make the deal management process much more straightforward. Conga CPQ allows product rules to run inside the catalog and validate product compatibility, replacements, recommendations, and saved favorites. The collaboration requests enable managers, SMEs, and co-workers to join forces in the quote creation process and provide advice or help when needed.

Once a product is selected from the catalog and added to the shopping cart, it becomes a line item. This is the robust Conga Pricing Engine territory. Repricing operations, discounts, markups, uplifts, and automated pricing rules flow seamlessly within the app. Conga CPQ supports recurring pricing models, usage pricing, one-time, price tiers, conditional pricing, etc. CPQ allows for the addition of hundreds of line items without increasing quote complexity, as well as the user-controlled splitting of huge quotes.

Quote generation is the last part of the CPQ process. Conga CPQ allows users to build templates, choose what data to be visible, and apply business rules for attributes like regions and language. Through conditional content, the number of templates is lowered drastically. Version control will not let you lose vital company information on the Quote.

Conga CPQ allows for integration with Conga’s own e-signatures module as well as with partnering vendors like DocuSign. All versions of the quote document, together with the e-signed quotes, are stored in a single location with version and comments control for history tracking and auditing purposes.

Benefits of CPQ Transformation

Benefits of CPQ Transformation

Speed up the Sales process

Vendors that are first to quote have better chances of winning a sale. Conga CPQ is the ultimate application for automated product, pricing, and quote management. Accelerated processes and freed up resources mean sales reps spend more time selling and less time doing manual work and compliance.

Conga CPQ accelerates sales processes and drastically improves sales efficiency within the organization.

Remove errors from the Quote

CPQ minimizes the mistakes in manual Quote creation while Pricing and Product rules will give sales reps the motivation to sell more when configurations are error-free.

Increase revenue

The full scope of the Conga CPQ functionalities allows for fast and accurate cross-sell, up-sell, and guided selling highlights.

In a nutshell – Conga CPQ is here to eliminate quote errors, help sales reps perform better and improve the enterprise business processes. Users fully adopt the application and report amazing figures of improvements.

How Scalefocus Partners are Leveraging Conga CPQ?

One of our team’s most challenging projects was the implementation of Conga (formerly Apttus) CPQ with a leading medical manufacturing company. The product catalog and quote creation process were so complex that it used to take up to a month for the Sales reps to build a quote. With the implementation of CPQ, that time has dramatically decreased.

A Sales user can now independently configure the products without supervision from a qualified engineer. The number of active quote templates has been reduced to merely ten. The total time between a quote request and a quote sent to the end customer – to around 45 minutes.

Collaboration across engineering and sales departments has drastically improved, and the Sales team is more focused on sales than ever. Team Scalefocus has supported the implementation by providing the full scope of software development specialists – from Configuration Engineers, Software Developers, and Solution Architects to Quality Assurance engineers.

Scalefocus Salesforce team’s Conga CPQ projects help companies to drastically accelerate all sales processes.Scalefocus Salesforce team’s Conga CPQ projects help companies to drastically accelerate all sales processes.

Scalefocus Salesforce team’s Conga CPQ projects help companies to drastically accelerate all sales processes.


Conga (formerly Apttus) CPQ and Salesforce are not only the Sales platforms with the best track record but they can be integrated together. This way Conga CPQ can upgrade upon Salesforce’s functionalities with its own unique features like guided selling, collaboration requests, upsell, cross-sell, and discount recommendations.

Scalefocus has formidable expertise in the CPQ sector with both Salesforce and Conga and has helped our partners overcome serious issues and improve their sales processes to no end.

Contact us today, our experts will gladly find out what your current project needs are and in what ways we can assist!

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Nikolay Bizev

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