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Viktor Bilyanski: A Scalefocus Leader Talks

Viktor Bilyanski: A Scalefocus Leader Talks

Published on: 21 Jan 2020 3 min read

Giving different perspectives and food for thought is something every leader strives to do. That is exactly what Viktor Bilyanski, Scalefocus’ CTO did last week.

On the 23rd of January, Viktor took part in Leader Talks – a popular format in which а leader gets on stage to answer questions tell his or her own story.

At Carrusel club, over 250 visitors gathered to hear what Scalefocus’ CTO had to say. Leading the event was none other than Alexander Kadiev – he was the one to ask Viktor the sent-in advance questions that covered business, entrepreneurial, strategic, team-oriented, and personal topics.

Viktor and Alexander had immediate chemistry. That was one of the things that captured the attention of the audience throughout the evening. Nobody was surprised by the fact that humor accented the talk between the two no matter how serious were the questions asked. Viktor answered questions about leadership, motivating the people within the organization, strategy in a company’s growth, and what is the most important part of evolving at such rapid speed.

In a 90 minute event, Alexander managed to ask Viktor 38 questions. 7 “live” questions were asked by people in the audience, who were interested in advice in entrepreneurship. Viktor himself had some surprises throughout the evening. That included a video address from Scalefocus’ CEO, Plamen Tsekov, and several more from friends and colleagues in the company. In a memorable moment, Viktor was challenged to do 10 pushups on stage… which he did.

The inspirational talk finished with a traditional for Leader Talks raffle in which the central guest draws people to receive a special gift. This time, it was a book by Daniel Penev – “People who change Bulgaria”.

Another Leader Talks tradition included the voting for three charity causes, to donate the money gathered from the event. Viktor went one step further – he pledged to double the collected ticket funds himself. The audience gave the most votes to two sick children from Smilyan, who need expensive treatments.

Stay tuned for the full video from Viktor’s participation in Leader Talks and follow our Facebook page to join Scalefocus for more events in 2020!


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