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Healthcare & Life Sciences

40% Cost Reduction via
Private Cloud-Based Platform Development

40% Cost Reduction via
Private Cloud-Based Platform Development

Success Story

With the help of Scalefocus, our client, a US clinical solutions provider, managed to replace their entire monolithic solutions system with a single cloud-based microservice platform divided by business domains. This decreased time to market twice, reduced costs and allowed for greater control and visibility through a CI pipeline. The newly architected platform can easily be modified to fit in new business products without the need for further development work, providing opportunities for unlimited growth and scalability.

Twice as fast time
to market

40% cost

Effective services distribution

The Client

Our client is an innovation-driven clinical solutions provider offering next-generation healthcare coordination. Their integrated platform, consolidating all of the client’s nine customized clinical solutions, delivers significant cost-of-care savings across an expanding set of domains including rehab, radiology, cardiology, oncology, specialty drugs, sleep medicine, musculoskeletal care and genetic testing. By working with health plans and health providers, the client determines medical necessity and appropriateness of care to drive down costs and guarantee that patients receive high service level. The company serves over 50 million people and champions transformation within the HealthTech field on a global level for both patients and providers.

The Solution

One of the core strengths of our client is their ability to deliver real-time decision support for providers and their patients. The legacy network they were using to manage each of their clinical solutions as independent systems had to be replaced with a brand-new centralized domain-driven microservice platform to satisfy the constantly evolving business needs within HealthTech. The company needed a technology partner with solid HealthTech focus who would carry out the transformation of their entire back-end architecture.

Such transformational projects are characterized with high complexity and can be broken down into smaller sub-projects that require tech capabilities in various areas. These areas included Architecture, Infrastructure, Transformation Implementation, Refactoring, Big Data and Analytics, Automated Quality Assurance accompanied by Program Consultancy and Project Support.

We achieved the first milestone in the project only four months after the official start of our partnership and continued to deliver results quickly for the entire duration of the engagement. The Scalefocus team developed and deployed a fully-fleshed software solution — a modernized platform where the client can rapidly build and release products on the market twice as fast while achieving cost savings of at least 40%. Our team was an integral part of the client’s transformation journey and helped revolutionize their IT landscape with the introduction of over twenty-three new technologies.


Our client enlisted Scalefocus as their offshore partner based on our ability to provide a team of seasoned IT and HealthTech experts to cover all of the tech areas in the project’s scope. Together with one of our long-term partner companies we managed to build a sustainable onshore-offshore development team to carry out the entire transformation journey with quality and seed. The onshore-offshore model allowed us to be available to the client at all times and remain engaged with the project 24/7. It also made it possible for them to focus more actively on business development and to take advantage of lower risk and cost-effectiveness. The completion of the project had a tangible impact on the core aspects of our client’s business as well as on its future development and large-scale growth plans.


  • Replaced all client’s legacy system solutions with a single unified platform
  • Achieved tangible cost savings by 40%
  • Reached twice as fast time to market of new products
  • Enabled services distribution and a seamless delivery to end-customers
  • Set up a CI pipeline for automatic quality checks
  • Delivered new features to production in 2-week sprints
  • Built a QA automation framework with 15,000 business domain-driven tests
  • Built a configuration layer for fast application adaptation to fit in new products
  • Created training materials for the client, such as videos to help with the application’s code


The Technology

Java 8
Spring Boot
Spring Cloud
Docker EE
Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon Web

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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