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Achieving Two Times Higher Productivity with Fully Redesigned UI/UX

Achieving Two Times Higher Productivity with Fully Redesigned UI/UX

Success Story

Working with the client, a leader in personalized healthcare services, Scalefocus provided architecture, design and UI development expertise to rearchitect a newly acquired software system that expands support for legacy instruments for Tissue Diagnostics (RTD) Advanced Staining. We helped the company rise above the technology challenges of such acquisitions and revamped the client-facing side entirely in a way that is fully aligned with the client’s One Company Design policy. Our team ensured consistency and functionality that live up to the high standards our client holds for the systems they offer their users – medical practitioners, lab workers, researchers and patients.

Rearchitected UI/UX enabling efficiency

Double increase in user retention

Improved business user productivity

The Client

Our client is a global HealthTech provider delivering personalized healthcare to patients through their joint Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics divisions. For over 50 years, the company has been at the forefront of chronic disease research, utilizing technology and data science to fully transform patient care. Founded at the end of the nineteenth century, the organization is committed to creating innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of people across the world with targeted treatments. A leader in sustainability, our client currently employs around 90,000 people in more than 100 territories.

The Solution

Our client acquired a licensed software system that would extend support for legacy Tissue Diagnostics (RTD) Advanced Staining instruments that they were already using. The direct users of these systems are laboratories and medical workers who need complex high-quality visualization of the processes taking place within the different hardware devices they are operating – visualizations such as test progress updates and task completion levels, depending on the type of hardware the software system is attached to. This enhancement required the creation of new UI/UX content for the incorporated legacy instruments, as well as for the new planned features.

Scalefocus was enlisted to work on the front-end and UI aspect of the project, our team being responsible for revamping the client-facing side without any aggressive changes that would interfere with the system’s core logic. The project’s complexity was rooted in the need to align the acquired software system’s UI/UX with the rest of the client’s systems according to their One Company Design philosophy. The main goals were to provide a level of visual and functional consistency and to make using the interface intuitive for medical personnel despite the varying degrees of their technical skills. Due to the monolithic UI of the acquired software system, we faced some difficulties in rearchitecting the underlying outdated technologies, but our IT experts rose up to the challenge and completely transformed the user experience into a smooth and intuitive one.



Our team worked on the architecture, design and UI development alongside the client’s internal team to build the platform and integrate legacy instrumentation. We generated results in two-week sprints and incorporated feedback quickly, which gave us the flexibility to address the client’s changing requirements and interface preferences smoothly and at speed.

Using the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) methodology allowed us to implement Agile, Lean, and DevOps practices at scale. It also allowed for increased collaboration and responsiveness across teams and made development processes efficient while maintaining the centralized decision-making necessary at the enterprise level. We leveraged WPF/XAML screen content for the Agile Development teams to consume as part of the design input for their feature work. The Scalefocus experts assisted the client successfully in bridging the gap in quality and functionality between the new software system they acquired and their larger systems pool.

The healthcare company now benefits from:

  • Full redesign of the user-facing elements of the newly acquired legacy software
  • Two times higher productivity rates among end-users of the revamped system
  • Impeccable user experience helping advance the company’s business goals
  • Enterprise-wide streamlined operations across Tissue Diagnostics (RTD) Advanced Staining
  • Significant reduction of the time to perform business-critical operations
  • Modern look in-line with the One Company Design policy, boosting the client’s credibility

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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