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An Automated Test Framework Improves Process Effectiveness

An Automated Test Framework Improves Process Effectiveness

Success Story

Our client, a medical solutions company, maximized service quality with an in-sprint automation of 6500 functional tests, achieving higher speed through parallel execution. The Scalefocus team ensured maximum business coverage and encouraged greater collaboration by introducing a shared library for easy project-wide access to pipelines. We reduced time for carrying out tests, made smoother test running possible and put tests in a continuous integration environment. All of this led to improved speed and productivity through a unified test framework that eliminated silo mentality across the organization.

High efficiency with parallel testing

Total risk mitigation through a CT process

Boosted quality from readable log reports

The Client

Our client is a large North American healthcare company specializing in the delivery of safe and affordable clinical solutions to health providers, government institutions, employers and labor organizations. The company serves millions of members across 50 US states. Their strength lies in providing evidence-based patient care management for chronic diseases, such as cancer and musculoskeletal disorders, as well as cost-effective genetic testing at advanced, high-priced laboratories. Their multifaceted service offering includes member engagement, peer-to-peer consultation, program performance and practice trends reporting.

The Solution

In the post-pandemic world, more than ever before, medical solutions companies are evolving at a fast rate and are relying on advanced technologies, smart analytics and high productivity to stand out on the market. Our client excelled at providing high-quality healthcare management solutions, but they needed to modernize their main platform to allow for faster feature release rates via smart automation.

The company management identified a recurring issue: repetitive and slow manual verification of UI functionalities. They also felt the need to provide a higher level of protection for the organization and increase their business risk coverage. To that end, the client needed a trusted HealthTech partner who would be able to rearchitect their platform to allow for the automation of business-critical tasks. This process included several sub-projects, such as Automated Quality Assurance, Refactoring, Big Data and Analytics. Our expertise in the HealthTech domain and our track record of providing quality software engineering at speed were the reasons why Scalefocus was tasked with this complex project.

Scalefocus succeeded in filling the automated tests gap, streamlined processes and contributed for the saving of resources. Our main efforts went towards creating a solid automation framework designed for easy and fast test creation. We built a total of over 6500 functional tests for all network domains, following a unified structure and taking into account best practices. Part of the functional tests were made to perform as smoke tests that could be used to quickly verify the main business logic. Our team updated old tests and implemented new ones. We extended verifications to ensure that the products meet all the official specifications and requirements.


By implementing in-sprint automation for the backend services, the Scalefocus engineers ensured that all tests are constantly running smoothly alongside development and are in a continuous integration environment. In addition to improving debug configuration to easily identify any errors in the client’s software platform, clear test log reports were put in place. After introducing parallel execution, the time for carrying out tests was significantly reduced. In addition, the common functionality of the platform was moved to a shared testing library. This allowed for the main business flow to be easily reused among team members and departments, encouraging greater collaboration. The code for setup, execution and logging of the tests was written once and any required changes made would simply be an updated version of the library, saving both time and costs. The team efforts of our goal-driven project managers and dedicated quality engineers allowed to address the needs of the client effectively and provide a secure testing framework for their platform.

The clinical solutions company now benefits from:

  • Strong unified framework of functional up to date tests compliant with the best industry practices
  • Improved architecture of the test projects: fast, simple creation and modification of automated tests that saves time
  • Greater awareness of quality through comprehensive log reports that are easy to understand
  • Maximum business risk coverage by applying a shift-left testing approach and creating a continuous testing environment
  • Elimination of silo mentality: sharing a pipeline across several projects and teams with a shared library

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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