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How Scalefocus and a Big Four Consulting Leader Deliver Top-Tier IT Solutions

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How Scalefocus and a Big
Four Consulting Leader Deliver Top-Tier IT Solutions

How Scalefocus and a Big
Four Consulting Leader Deliver Top-Tier IT Solutions

Success Story

We support our partner, a global consulting leader, by providing value-adding tech expertise for companies from around the world and across a variety of industries. Together, through effective cross-border collaboration, we help businesses achieve and exceed their KPIs.

Delivering tech afterwork as part of our partner’s network

Providing support
in a large number of
critical areas

3 types of
engagement on a
case-by-case basis

The Client

Our client is a Big Four consulting leader with a connected network of member firms in 150 countries and territories addressing complex business challenges. The company enhances their in-house consultancy, advisory and delivery capabilities with the services of vetted external providers and Scalefocus is among their most prominent European partners.

The Challenge

Once our partner completes the investigation stage of their consultancy work, they present their findings to their client and plan the technical afterwork. Depending on the type of consultancy (digital transformation, data migration, legacy system modernization, etc.), they employ different delivery teams, both in size and expertise. When creating a development plan, our partner decides on the engagement model with Scalefocus, and it is then that our teams are assembled. Our role is to help our client scale on a case-by-case basis and provide the right technology resources both of which are crucial for delivering the excellent results expected of them.

The Solution

Forging long-lasting partnerships with other forward-thinking companies has always been a priority for Scalefocus. We believe that these collaborations enable us to deliver more complete solutions to clients by supporting them in a constantly increasing number of critical areas, such as digital transformation, legacy system modernization, cloud and DevOps strategy, application integration, among many others.

Types of Engagement

  • In projects where our partner performs the majority of the delivery work, Scalefocus provides individual engineers in the form of external hire, usually on a Time & Materials contract basis.
  • In other instances, the partner hands over the project to our team of engineers on a mid to long-term basis. In this case, Scalefocus developers work with our partner’s enterprise architects, delivery and project managers who are responsible for all client communication.
  • In instances where our partner doesn’t have the capacity to do the delivery, Scalefocus takes over. Business and sales communication, as well as invoicing, is still our partner’s responsibility, but we also work directly with the client and discuss objectives, roadblocks, and progress. We are usually involved in the initial discovery stage and create the development plan in collaboration with our partner. This is when, in addition to providing tech talent, Scalefocus takes on a consultancy role.  

A Case in Point: Helping a Telecom Leader Optimize Their OSB Integration Layer

Telecoms today operate in an intricate and highly regulated industry. The sector is constantly changing, and infrastructure investments become increasingly difficult to align with regulatory demands, competitive pressure, and slow cycles of technology-innovation. Against this backdrop, telcos also struggle with the complexity in integrating multiple systems in their heterogeneous tech landscapes.

The Challenge

Our partner consulted a leading North American telecommunications provider on ways to mitigate the negative effects of their heterogeneous infrastructure and utilize the capabilities of their Oracle Service Bus to ensure business continuity. Acquiring new companies that come with their own business setup, then adding them to the existing infrastructure posed a myriad of challenges for the smooth flow of business-critical processes on an enterprise level. On top of this, some of the existing systems had become outdated and migrating them completely was tedious and economically unfeasible. Instead, the client decided to allow communication across old and new systems within their integration layer to save time and resources.

The Solution

Scalefocus stepped in with a dedicated team of 20 seasoned specialists occupying various positions within the project, including a business analyst. Our team was divided into 3 units. We had a development unit responsible for both integration platforms—Oracle Service Bus and Aurea Sonic ESB. The second unit, QA, was also split into two sub-units working on each one of the platforms. Additionally, the Scalefocus Ops unit ensured 24-hour operational support, took part in deployment, performed incident management and various health checks. We were also responsible for preparing work breakdown structure (WBS) for the different integrations. Our engineers began with functional design and technical design that were then followed by the actual implementation.

The Results

Our dedicated team’s command of the latest integration technologies and our capacity to scale our units quickly depending on the project’s needs allowed us to work with our partners effortlessly and together we delivered excellent business results for the telecom company. We ensured business-critical integrations across various systems in the client’s complex infrastructure, improved overall system functionality and the client is now able to expose APIs in a reliable and scalable manner.

The Technology

Oracle Service Bus
Oracle WebLogic Server (application server)
Oracle JMS
Oracle Traffic Director
Axway API Gateway
Aurea Sonic ESB
Aurea Actional Intermediary API Gateway

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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