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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Private Cloud-Based
Application Development

Private Cloud-Based
Application Development

Success Story

The clinical solutions provider managed to replace all of their monolithic solutions in a single cloud-based microservice platform divided by business domains. This decreased the time to market by double, decreased costs and allowed for greater control and visibility of quality through a CI pipeline. The application could also be easily changed to fit new products, without the need for any development.

15 000 Automated
QA Tests

40% Cost Decrease

Effective Services

The Client

Our client is one of the biggest clinical solutions providers offering high-quality, safe and affordable care. Their platform delivers significant cost-of-care savings across an expanding set of clinical domains, including rehab, radiology, cardiology, oncology, specialty drugs, sleep medicine, musculoskeletal care, and genetic testing. Serving more than 50 million members, the company promotes optimal care through use of evidence-based clinical guidelines and real-time decision support for both providers and their patients.

The Solution

Scalefocus was chosen as a reliable offshore partner, who can provide a team of experienced specialists to cover all of the above-mentioned areas. Together with one of our partners, we managed to build a sustainable Onshore-Offshore development team to carry on the entire transformation journey with quality, speed and cost-effectiveness. Using the onshore-offshore method allowed us to be engaged in the project 24/7, thus being available to the client at all times.

The first major milestone in this project was successfully completed only four months after the official start of the partnership. The Scalefocus team delivered a fully functional software solution, namely a modernized platform on which our client can rapidly build and release products on the market twice as fast as they currently do, while simultaneously achieving cost savings of at least 40%. Two days after the delivery, we received a thank-you letter from our client. So far, our team has been an integral part of the transformation journey of our client, which is revolutionizing their IT landscape with the introduction of more than twenty-three new technologies.


The result of this project had a tremendous impact on the core aspects of our client’s business as well as on its future development and growth.

The newly optimized platform allowed us to:

  • Set up a CI pipeline for automatic quality checks
  • Build a QA automation framework with 15,000 business domain-driven tests
  • Build a configuration layer for fast and dynamic change of the application to reflect new products without the need for development
  • Create clear and functional documentation including training videos to help the new team easily grasp the application’s code
  • Reach a twice faster time to market of new products
  • Delivered new features to production in 2-week sprints
  • Replaced all client’s solutions with a single unified platform • Increased cost savings by 40%
  • Enabled services distribution to allow for seamless delivery to end-customers.

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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