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Meet Оur Copywriting Powerhouses

Meet Оur Copywriting Powerhouses

Mitko, Kras and Velly are the content masterminds at Scalefocus, also known as Dimitar, Krasimir and
Velina to the outside world. They are the people who brought to you hit pieces like Healthcare Software Development in 2022: Key Trends, Why You Should Go with Go for Your Next Software Project and Pros
and Cons of Conga (formerly Apttus) CPQ in 2022.


This talented bunch has been working together long enough to know that what makes their team invincible, apart from sticking together, is its sense of humor. They are equally good at making a joke and at taking one.


This, let’s face it, is rare. Their superpower? Being able to translate the intricacies of modern software development into understandable English. If you ever tried it, you know what we’re talking about. It’s no small feat.


Dimitar Grancharov

Mitko has a background in journalism and advertising – challenging fields that turned him into what some would call a copywriting go-getter. As a typical Leo, he can be found at the heart of the party, entertaining people with his rich stories. Throw this Lord of the Rings fanatic in any environment and he will adapt. Unless there’s sauerkraut, his pet peeve.

Krasimir Kunchev

Kras is a true musical force-turned-copywriter. What can we say? Multitalented people do exist and we got them! He’s been on stage since the mid-nineties when punk rock was still alive. Kras has an uncanny knack for remembering all sorts of music trivia and is a die-hard rockumentaries fan. Also, he could only eat seafood for the rest of his life if he had to.

Velina Derilova

Velly is the eccentric girl who sat behind you in high school and was slightly obsessed with the Bronte sisters. She is an independent film fan, a bit of a snob if you will. Just kidding. Not taking herself too seriously, she sometimes writes film reviews and short stories that some people have found funny. A mediocre cook of vegetarian food thus far, she will never quit trying.