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Future-Proof Your Mobile App Development with the Right Strategy

Future-Proof Your Mobile App Development with the Right Strategy

When you decide to go mobile, there are a thousand ways to get it wrong, but only a few ways to get it right.

Watch the experts of Scalefocus, who demystify the process of choosing the right strategy when developing your mobile apps. To set the stage for success, you have to be sure that you make informed choices from features to technology.

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      Features. Put the M in MVP. Limit your feature set to achieve impactful simplicity. Understand your app’s goal: from awareness, through revenue generation, to stickiness, and more.

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      Look and feel. Pick a UX. Your app is an extension of your brand in your customers’ pockets. And customers rely on and seek out the brands that have earned their trust. Understand what you are communicating to them and how when you pick an aesthetic.

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      Tech stack. Choose the right technology for today and tomorrow. Hybrid or Native app? One is not better than the other, but they serve different purposes. See real-life examples to help you decide which one would best fit your specific needs.

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      Ok, so it worked. What’s next? Planning for V2 and beyond. Join the discussion with our panelists and adopt a proven strategy that works!


    Nedjalko Milenkov

    Technology Manager, Scalefocus

    Michael Campbell

    Senior Consultant, Mobile, Scalefocus

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