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Healthcare Digitalization: From Raw Data to Predictive Analysis

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The significance of data in healthcare cannot be overstated. It has been on the rise since the introduction of healthcare analytics tools and they themselves have become increasingly complex and powerful over time.

Data analytics is a promising field for gaining insights from large sets and helps improving patient outcomes while lowering costs. It is also crucial to prevention and early diagnostics, especially with the recent rapid development of new telehealth opportunities. There is huge potential to improve patient care quality, clinical information, diagnosis, and business management through data.

However, many healthcare organizations still find it challenging to meet data acquisition, exposure, and management demands.

Watch our panel of expert speakers who will walk you through the process of leveraging data transformation and hear some of the latest trends from a healthcare technology provider perspective.

Simeon Petkov

Chief Architect, Scalefocus

Goran Stojanovski

Data Science Evangelist, Scalefocus

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