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Thriving in a Digital World: Why Traditional Banks Must Embrace Agility and Learn from FinTechs

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Thriving in a Digital World: Why Traditional Banks Must Embrace Agility and Learn from FinTechs

Thriving in a Digital World: Why Traditional Banks Must Embrace Agility and Learn from FinTechs

Gain valuable insights from our experts on how traditional banks can leverage their resilience and build on it to give FinTechs a run for their money.  

Traditional banks and FinTechs have been at odds over what matters most to the modern user—strong institutional trust or a relentless emphasis on customer centricity. Incumbents are winning when it comes to privacy and security, but FinTechs are shaving off about 40% off of their revenue growth. In an increasingly demanding industry, this battle of the titans must not be viewed as a battle at all. Instead, banks and FinTechs must achieve a balanced co-existence where they learn from one another in ways that ultimately benefit customers.

Watch the webinar where our experts deep dive into why adopting an agile project management approach is the building block to banks’ transformation into future-ready lean organizations.

Learn how to go about shifting your focus towards technology and innovation to become a truly forward-thinking financial services player.

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      Why you must capitalize on resilience — traditional banks’ biggest advantage

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      How to leverage technology, innovation, and culture: lessons from FinTechs and neo banks

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      What is an agile mindset and why it should be the starting point of your transformation journey?

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      How Scalefocus co-built the first neo bank in the Middle East by ensuring seamless collaboration and transparency across dispersed teams with the Spotify model

    speaker Ovanes

    Ovanes Kasabyan

    Chief Project Officer, Scalefocus

    speaker Jasper Neve

    Jasper Neve

    Portfolio Manager - Banking and Financial Services, Scalefocus

    Svetlin Dimitrov

    Technology Team Lead, Scalefocus

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    We believe that technology-empowered finance is the only way forward for financial organizations and we put strong emphasis on seamless customer experience to reduce abandonment and increase customer satisfaction. At Scalefocus, we are especially proud of our Custom Application Development capabilities. Our intelligently designed solutions result from our constant drive for technology excellence and the experience we’ve gained from 500+ successfully completed projects in 26 countries for 300+ clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, innovative start-ups, and established leaders across a variety of industry verticals.

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