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Digital Acceleration in Healthcare

Digital Acceleration in Healthcare

Innovate at your own pace while overcoming the industry’s technological challenges

The pandemic changed healthcare and democratized technology, bridging the gaps between doctors, patients and staff. Safety and efficiency increased thanks to e-health solutions that provide human-centric connected care and prioritize the enablement of the end user.

These changes, however, happened almost overnight to meet patients’ needs in ‘the new normal.’ Companies dealing with healthcare’s longstanding issues — legacy systems, poor UX, vendor lock-in, data silos — had to address them quickly. Some of them were ready, most of them still struggle.

During this unprecedented digital acceleration healthcare organizations need a technology partner to help them mitigate problems while making the most of the new opportunities.

To learn more about how Scalefocus can bring you to the forefront of HealthTech, download our whitepaper, which focuses on the following topics:

  • Making sense of the ‘new normal’: contextualizing where you stand
  • An overview of healthcare’s most pressing innovation challenges and how Scalefocus can help you solve them
  • A closer look into telehealth platforms as the future of healthcare
  • An overview of our award-winning telehealth proprietary solutions
  • An overview of our award-winning telehealth proprietary solutions – SoFit, SoundVision, SAAM, ViruSafe

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