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Accelerator Apps: Shortcut to Success in Mobile Development

Accelerator Apps: Shortcut to Success in Mobile Development

Published on: 26 Jan 2024 5 min read

The Scalefocus mobile team has created a proprietary library of reusable modules for Android/iOS applications. The library is called Accelerated Apps and has made Scalefocus and our partners more productive, agile, and cost-efficient in our work.

Accelerator Apps: Shortcut to Success in Mobile Development

What Are Accelerator Apps?

Accelerator Apps allow for faster, more innovative, and more cost-efficient mobile application development. Starting a new project with tested functionalities on Day One enables software engineers to work with shorter sprints. 

The process started with meticulous examination and analysis of repeatability across projects and the most often requested mobile app components. Only then was it possible to make the ultimate selection, define the various modules, and achieve the required level of innovation.

The Accelerator Apps SDK Modules

The Accelerator Apps SDK Modules

Login Module

Login SDKs (Software Development Kits) include SSO Login, Face ID, Touch ID, Apple, Google, and Facebook login features. They protect user data by not requiring clients to input credentials each time. The Login Module also supports biometrics authentication via fingerprint and Touch ID, Face ID, and Two-factor authentication and facilitates the addition of new identity providers. 

Chat Module

Chat SDK enables the integration of chat capabilities into the mobile app. This includes image and media file exchange and chatting with contacts from the address book (based on user-managed access). 

The Chat Module works over XMPP or Firebase Cloud services. It facilitates image or media file sharing with other users and supports profile pictures, online activity statuses, unread message notifications, and message statuses. 

Media Cloud Module

Media Cloud SDK is a YouTube-like feature. When it is built into the mobile app, the users can organize media content in playlists and levels of categories. They can also manage the playlists, browse categories of video content, and watch it on their mobile device. 

The Media Cloud module supports most media formats, including mixed audio, video, and image content, and allows for the upload of video tutorials. Its features also include auto play, search, and filter, and you can use the SDK as a standalone app or easily embed it as another app’s feature.

Accelerator Apps Benefits

The ability to do live demos and deliver mature versions of all functionalities is among the top benefits of Accelerator Apps. Faster time to market and improved quality at lower development costs are also hard to ignore.

Read on to learn more about the solution’s top benefits.

Accelerator Apps Benefits

  • Live Demos

Instead of doing development from scratch, the Accelerator Apps allow us to do demos off the bat. Scalefocus provides modules that have been through intense testing. This way, the customers can experience how the module works in a real environment.

  • Mature Versions of All Functionalities

By integrating Accelerator Apps into their iOS/Android apps, we enable our clients to receive mature versions of all the functionalities they need. The module has already been through several iterations, so they are not getting an alpha or beta version. We provide products that have passed the test of time. And many other tests, too.  

  • Faster Time to Market 

Seeing live demos and quickly determining whether the module is suitable accelerates the decision-making and development processes. The result is reduced time to market a high-quality product. Our experience shows that the modules can save up to 30% of the engineering time required for a typical mobile project. 

  • Better Quality at Lower Cost

All the testing and version revisions inevitably lead to increased quality. The development process also becomes much more affordable, and the customers get more functionalities at a lower cost as they do not pay for R&D. Choosing a different software company for mobile apps will naturally cost more, as the vendor will have to develop from scratch. The solution fully applies to both the front and back end and enables automation and CI/CD pipelines in the long term.

  • Continuous Innovation

Accelerator Apps allow us to make the most out of resources and ensure continuous contribution to the library. While developers are between projects, they put their creative ideas into practice, constantly working on new features. The project has a team of engineers, a Product Manager, a Product Owner, User Experience and User Interface Designers, and Quality Engineers. Such productive collaboration helps us to further accelerate the different modules’ setup and enhance their quality. 

Additional Benefits

  • Each module can be an MVP with basic functionalities and simple design, ready and reusable as proof of concept
  • These components enable quicker transition from requirements to development
  • Benched professionals can be involved in the setup of a certain Accelerator Apps module and contribute to its development
  • Accelerator Apps have excellent documentation and clear guidelines, which is helpful with the onboarding of new team members
  • Developers enhance their knowledge while producing working software
  • Onboarding time of approximately one week due to clear documentation and guidelines

Scalefocus’ Mobile Team 

Scalefocus provides end-to-end mobile app development, support, maintenance, and consultancy services, and our mobile experts have vast experience in iOS/Android native app development. Naturally, as a seasoned mobile app development company, we are also quite proficient in cross-platform apps, web apps, and hybrid app development regardless of the operation systems and programming languages. Healthcare and life science, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Energy and Utilities, Telecommunications, and Gaming – we have developed world-class solutions for companies of all major industry verticals.

Would you like to learn more about our mobile app development solutions? You can find out all you need to know about our mobile app implementation capabilities in our blog.

Without a doubt, one of our hallmark solutions is SoundVision – an award-winning mobile app and device for blind and visually impaired people. SoundVision empowers such individuals to socialize and be much more mobile and independent.

Contact us now, our consultants would love to hear about your projects and suggest working solutions suitable for your business.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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