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Bulgaria Wins Its First Grand Stevie at the International Business Awards

Bulgaria Wins Its First Grand Stevie at the International Business Awards

Published on: 23 Aug 2022 2 min read

Scalefocus became the first Bulgarian company to have ever won the prestigious Grand Stevie award for its product called SoundVision – innovation for better mobility of the visually impaired. The momentous event took place at the 19th edition of the Annual International Business Awards® – the world’s premier business awards program.

The company’s second award for the same product is the Gold Stevie in the Healthcare Technology Solution category.

SoundVision is a hardware and software solution with a comprehensive combination of functions that provides blind and visually impaired people with new means of interaction with the world and is unique to the global healthcare industry.

The device is palm-sized and easy to use. Combined with a mobile application, SoundVision assists users in becoming more active and independent by providing real-time information about the surrounding environment.

The first Grand Stevie for Bulgaria goes to Scalefocus following a stunning 9.11/10 average score for its application – the highest-rated new product or service nomination in the Healthcare Technology Solution category.

“It all started with an internal hackathon and now we have a patent for a smart connected device to assist people with impaired vision. Our team invented, designed and developed the hardware, firmware and software of this device. We even print the casings with our office 3D printer. This type of innovation mindset is directly related to our company values and it’s something that we support and encourage,”

said Ivan Ivanov, CEO of Scalefocus.

The SoundVision product has been supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021 in partnership with the Norwegian Computing Center (NRS), Adaptor Hjelpemidler Norway, and Synergia Foundation in Bulgaria.

You can find further information regarding the awards and winners at The Stevie Awards.

And you can find further product information at SoundVision.

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