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Celebrating the Scalefocus Way!

Celebrating the Scalefocus Way!

Published on: 03 May 2022

10 years of Scalefocus – 10 months of celebrations!

Celebrating the Scalefocus Way

Starting in March and ending in December – we have planned out our whole year and filled it with tons of online and offline activities for everyone at Scalefocus!

What happened so far?

We kicked off our 10-month birthday bash with various challenges for people working from home and people at the office.

Our online challenges

At Scalefocus we work from everywhere. This made it a bit tricky, but not impossible for our Anniversary Team to think of different challenges for our colleagues.

Each challenge was designed to inspire, appreciate and make each other smile. We shared music, old photos, jokes and we also came up with names worthy of Queens. More specifically – our Queen Bees in our three adopted hives – each representing our primary Balkan office locations.

Our colleagues suggested and voted for the following names:

Bulgaria – Кирилица (Cyrillic)

Macedonia – Queen Esma

Turkey – Sabiha

The celebrations also kicked off our monthly gaming tournaments, where our colleagues compete in the most popular video games. Of course, our top competitors are rewarded – with nifty handheld retro gaming consoles.

Our offline challenges

Of course we filled all of our offices with fun activities!
We gathered for a quirky quiz, where we treated ourselves to pizza and answered wacky Scalefocus-related questions.

We also had a legendary baking competition in each of our locations. Turns out, we have very talented bakers and very hungry colleagues. The offices were stacked with sweet and savoury delights and happy vibes.

The big day

On the day of our anniversary, we did a little warmup – launching a scavenger hunt for ScaleAle (our specially branded Scalefocus beer).

In the afternoon we gathered for some afterwork drinks, cake and a lively chat – it had been a good while since we’d gathered together. Gotta say, talking to actual people and not floating avatars felt really nice!

The night sparkled up with some heartfelt words from our CEO Ivan Ivanov and a dazzling raffle for a dozen lucky colleagues. The fun was amplified with our live video conference among our office locations – sharing the beautiful occasion together!

What’s next in the calendar?

Well we can’t say much…. but nobody said anything about emojis. So let’s hint with those

Cheers to a year filled with joy, adventure and cold beer!

About the Author:

Mariya Kamarashka, Social Media Manager

Mariya Kamarashka

Social Media Manager

Sugar, Spice and Everything nice – these were the ingredients chosen when Mariya seeks inspiration for her articles. With a solid esports and gaming background, she always finds colors, playfulness and joy in everyday life. Fun fact? She has them. Not only about Sesame Street or new technology.

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